Chaos on the East-West Road: Travelers Stranded as Vehicles Burn in Rivers State Road Explosions

The incident, which reportedly occurred late night Friday left many travelers stranded.

A yet-to-be specified number of people have been burnt in several explosions that occurred from fuel tankers at the Eleme section of the east-west road in Rivers state.

Over 100 vehicles were reportedly affected by the incident which occurred late night Friday, leaving many travelers stranded.

As day broke on the aftermath of the explosions, the true extent of the damage became painfully apparent. Charred remains of vehicles littered the roadside, serving as grim reminders of the havoc wrought by the inferno. Travelers, many of whom had been en route to their destinations, found themselves stranded amidst the wreckage, grappling with the uncertainty of what lay ahead.

Questions and concerns abound in the wake of the tragedy, with residents and stakeholders alike demanding answers and accountability. The circumstances leading up to the explosions raise serious questions about road safety and infrastructure maintenance in the region. The Eleme section of the East-West Road, long plagued by issues of neglect and disrepair, stands as a stark symbol of the challenges facing Nigeria’s transportation infrastructure.

Information surfaced that a tanker transporting petroleum products had exploded, setting fire to multiple other tankers as well as cars stuck in a traffic jam.

Some reported counting more than 300 burned cars, while others said they had counted more than 100.

Sources claimed that many people stranded in their cars were being scorched by the fire, even if the exact number of casualties was unknown.

Many fire vehicles and assistance from Indoroma Petrochemical extinguished the fire, which was reported to have lasted for hours.

A source claimed to have heard voices calling for assistance twice as loud as he could from his home.

The source said: “I heard a very loud sound about 20 minutes ago, and people were shouting.

“The sound came from the Petro-Chemical company area. So when I came out I saw a tick smoke with fire from a distance.”

A resident of Port Harcourt, Segun Owolabi said: “I saw four dead bodies burnt. Some may have been in the bushes because many ran away. I saw a whole stretch of vehicles burnt down, trailer burnt down.

“There seems to be a truck carrying substances and it was as if it had collision with another vehicle that may have ignited the fire. Over 20 vehicles burnt down and several people trapped.

“There may be more bodies. Oh my God this is a tragedy. A stretch of vehicles burnt”.

This is a developing story…

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