No VIP Apartment For Bobrisky In Prison – NCoS

he spokesman revealed that cell block infrastructure in the facility was built as shared buildings to accommodate multiple inmates.

Idris Okuneye, also known as Bobrisky, is not being housed in a one-bedroom apartment of a VIP building at the Kirikiri Correctional Center, the Nigerian Correctional Service’s Lagos command has made clear.

A news platform (not AzeeR,com) had reported that Bobrisky who is serving a six-month prison sentence for abuse of the naira notes, was housed in a newly built VIP apartment in the Kirikiri correctional centre.

In a statement by Rotimi Oladokun, NCoS spokesperson, he said the correctional centre had no en-suite style cells.

“The attention of the Nigerian Correctional Service Lagos State Command has been drawn to some mischievous and misleading online publications,” the statement reads.

“Without prejudice to NCoS right to seek legal redress for the libellous publication, outlined are clarification on the said issues.

“The convicted inmate, Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju aka Bobrisky is currently serving a 6-month jail term for abuse and mutilation of the Naira note within the custody of the Custodial Centre in the State.

“The Convict is entitled to the reformative and rehabilitative platforms either educational and/or vocational training as provided to all inmates in custody

“Idris has been allocated a shared cell with other convicted inmates. There are no en-suite or ‘one-bedroom flat’ style cells in our Custodial Centre as the cell blocks infrastructure are built as shared buildings, to accommodate multiple inmates.”

“Idris is being treated just as every other inmate without any special amenities or privilege accorded.

“All inmates are entitled to Family and Legal visits. These visits are monitored and regulated by NCoS.

The Controller of Corrections, Lagos Command enjoined the general public to disregard the said malicious publication”.

Recall that Bobrisky was arrested and detained by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission on Wednesday, April 3, 2024. According to the commission, Bobrisky was invited due to a video report of spraying new naira notes at the premiere of Eniola Ajao’s movie titled, ‘Ajakaju’, which was held at FilmOne Circle Mall, Lekki, Lagos, on March 24, 2024.

He was convicted by a Federal High Court sitting in Lagos on Friday, April 5, 2024, after pleading guilty to the charges of naira abuse levelled against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

The EFCC filed six counts against him, with the first four counts related to naira abuse, and the last two counts concerning alleged money laundering.

Before reading the charges, the EFCC prosecutor requested the court to dismiss counts five and six.

Bobrisky pleaded guilty to the four counts of naira abuse.

Before his conviction, he asked to be pardoned, adding that he was not aware of the laws binding the naira abuse and vowed to educate his fans on social media about it.

The clarification provided by the Lagos command of the NCoS serves to dispel the misconceptions and sensationalism surrounding Bobrisky’s situation. It underscores the importance of accurate reporting and fact-checking in media discourse, particularly when dealing with sensitive topics such as incarceration and prison conditions.

The clarification provided by the Lagos command of the Nigerian Correctional Service regarding Bobrisky’s living conditions at the Kirikiri Correctional Centre dispels the myths and rumors that have circulated in the media. It underscores the importance of accurate reporting and highlights the broader issues surrounding prison reform and the treatment of inmates. As we navigate discussions about incarceration and celebrity culture, let us strive for integrity, empathy, and a commitment to truth.

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