Breaking: UNN Student Reportedly Caught While Trying To Use A Small Boy For Rituals.

A student of University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) was allegedly caught at one of the school’s popular off-campus, hilltop, with a 4 years old boy whom he planned to use for ritual.

The young boy was reported to be at the point of joining his ancestors when his rescuers intervened.
The assailant pleaded to transfer the sum of 5 million naira to the hilltop boys who caught him in the act so they can free him but they declined his offer.

It was reported that, the hilltop boys proceeded to a near by bush to carry out a jungle justice on the assailant by killing him. But unluckily for them, some police officers intervened and left with the assailant.
Ordained Oracle
An eyewitness on Facebook, by name Ordained Oracle has threatened to release the video containing the faces of the assailant and the police officers who took him away to the media houses, if further investigations and proper penalization are not taken.

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The eyewitness suspects that the police will accept the 5 million Naira that have been offered earlier by the assailant for his release.

The eyewitness said: “I have the video of that guy and the police people that came to carry him, failure to bring him to law, they will land themselves in trouble. This one he is begging to transfer 5 million. I just pray they take necessary precautions to avoid had I know.”

Some comments from social media users:

“Nawaoo, and next time they catch ritualist like that, they should collect the money and kill him. They missed.”

“It’s easy, collect the money, and still arrest the guy and put him to justice.”

“The rate at which young adult use to engage in ritual money in the name of yahoo and get rich quick syndrome is so alarming, this is actually a perilous time. I don’t know where the acquire this reprobate heart from.”

“Have he succeeded and begin to hit raw cash. People for dey talk say he don join yahoo where he dey use laptops dey extort oyibo man money. And as the guy hears that, he for dey raise shoulders as somebody known to be yahoo guy.”

“Nawaoo, if police take ear hear 5 million for this hardship, hmmmm, the story will end somehow ooooooo…”

“Kaiiii they want to die the case like that oo. Don’t be surprised that criminal might be on his way to an unknown country now. They can do anything to cover up that case. Very shameful!!!”.

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