Russia-Ukraine War: Biden Ready To Meet Putin To End War

The United States’ President Joe Biden has hinted that he is ready to meet with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, to bring an end to the war between Russia and Ukraine. The US President stated that he can only do this if there is an interest in the Russian President’s mind to bring and end to the lingering war between Russia and Ukraine.

Biden while addressing reporters alongside the French President Emmanuel Macron, stressed that President Putin is yet to show this interest. Both the Us President and the French President stressed they would continue to stand against Russia’s war on Ukraine.

In response to what the two men said, the Kremlin said that President Putin is still open to talks aimed “to ensure our interests”.

The press secretary to the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov told reporters that Moscow was certainly not ready to accept the demands and conditions of the United States of America: “What did President Biden say in fact? He said that negotiations are possible only after Putin leaves Ukraine.”

This complicates the search for a mutual basis for talks and understanding, he said, that the US did not recognize “new territories” in Ukraine, which Russia illegally claimed as its own at the end of September.

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