USElection2024: Mike Pence Declares To Run For President

Former USA Vice President, Mike Pence Declares To Run For President Come 2024

The build up to the United States of America presidential election come 2024 has started massively as many distinguished citizens of the country who wish to take over the mantle of leadership from President Joe Biden have started declaring interest to run for the seat.

The former Vice president of the United States of America under Donald Trumps’ regime, Mike Pence has declared his intentions to contest for the office of the president in the 2024 US general election.

This is according to a document which was filed on the Federal Election Commission website which announce Mr Pence had filed his statement of candidacy.

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Also Sky News on Monday reported that the former Vice President has filed to run for the office of the president in 2024 according to reports they got from the Federal Election Commission.

Meanwhile, Mike Pence’s spokesperson, Devin O’Malley through his Twitter handle denied this stating that the former Vice President has not declared his intentions to run for the office, although someone filed to run in 2024 under Pence’s name, it was not Pence.

A critical look at the document which is available at the FEC website shows that the name on the document does not reflect his actual legal name – Michael Richard Pence. The form instead lists Mike Richard Pence.

Mike Pence had earlier said he will make his decision of running or not running for the president known to the general public in the new year after consulting with his family.

It is still unclear who actually filed to run with the name Mike Richard Pence.

Meanwhile, many Americans have dismissed the chances of the former president winning the election in 2024, most of them believe he does not stand a chance of winning the race.

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