Man cries for help as tricycle operator bolts away with 4 kids on way to school

Man cries for help as tricycle operator bolts away with 4 kids on way to school since on Monday, 27 November, 2023.

Residents of Umuahia, the Abia State capital, have been thrown into a frenzy as a tricycle operator engaged to convey four children of the same parents to school disappeared with them.

The incident, according to the father of the children, Mr. Chimaobi Agah, from Amasiri in Ebonyi State, occurred on Monday.

The father of the children, Mr. Chimaobi Agah, a native of Amasiri in Ebonyi State, shared the harrowing details of the incident in a viral video. Agah, who was away in Enugu State at the time, recounted the events that transpired, shedding light on the deep anguish and fear that now envelop his family.

The four children involved in this heart-wrenching incident were aged eight, one, four, and a year and a half. Their routine journey to school, which should have been a simple and routine part of their day, turned into a nightmare as the tricycle operator disappeared with them.

Agah’s wife, in his absence, had diligently prepared the children for school and, in a bid to ensure their safe transportation, engaged the services of a tricycle driver. Little did she know that this decision would lead to a series of events that would shatter the tranquility of their family life.

The disappearance of the tricycle operator has not only left the Agah family in distress but has also sent shockwaves throughout the community. Parents, now grappling with the terrifying thought of such an incident occurring to their own children, are demanding answers and swift action from the authorities.

Local authorities and law enforcement agencies are actively involved in the search for the missing children and the tricycle operator. The urgency of the situation cannot be overstated, as the safety and well-being of innocent lives hang in the balance.

The children were aged eight, one, four, and a year and a half.

Agah, in a viral video, said he was away in Enugu State when his wife prepared the children for school and engaged the tricycle driver to convey them to school.

The couple lives at Umuagu Ibeku near the State Criminal Investigative Department CID station, Umuahia, Abia State capital while the children’s school is at Nkwoegwu community at the outskirts of the city.

Mr Agah who was wailing uncontrollably and praying profusely in the viral video said his life had been devastated and called for help for the rescue of his beloved children.

He said he had reported the matter to the police and the State Broadcasting Corporation but without any result.

His story: “My name is Chimaobi Agah, from Amasiri in Ebonyi State. I went to work in Enugu on Monday and my wife prepared my four children for school. She paid a KEKE (tricycle) driver to take them to school. In the afternoon when school was supposed to dismiss they did not return, and my wife went to their school to look for them. “ She was told by the school authorities that they did not come to school at all. My wife called me and I returned to Umuahia on Tuesday morning. I went to the school and was told the same story.

“So, I went to the police and reported it. They gave me four police men and we searched for them but without success. They asked me to come back the next day and make a statement. They also asked me to go to radio station and make an announcement. I have done all these and till now I have not seen them.

“The public should please help me. God should please forgive my sins. I know I’m a sinner but I believe Jesus died for sinners like me. Please I need my four children rescued.”

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