Pathologist Finally Speaks On Cause Of Mohbad’s Death

The autopsy results for Mohbad, which took several months to come to light, have been updated

The much-awaited autopsy results for the late singer Mohbad have finally been made public, and they show that the decomposition of his body prevented the cause of death from being identified.

The doctor stated that it was impossible to ascertain Mohbad’s precise cause of death at the time of the autopsy because of the advanced state of decomposition of his body. The pathologist stated that a more accurate evaluation could have been made if Mohbad’s remains had been brought to the mortuary as soon as possible after his passing.

But after being buried for more than a week, decomposition had already begun, which hindered the autopsy and prevented the exact cause of death from being determined.

In response to rumors that fresh blood had been discovered on Mohbad’s coffin, the pathologist explained that the redness observed during the exhumation procedure was not caused by blood, but rather by a mixture of soil and moisture. It was also noted that rain fell the day before Mohbad was dug up. In addition, the pathologist refuted rumors that Mohbad was interred alive and confirmed that he passed away prior to burial.

The pathologist also denied allegations of strangling, proving that no such damage had taken place by examining tissues that had been extracted from the neck.

Additionally, a projector was used to show samples of Mohbad’s kidney and liver, demonstrating that there was no toxicity. It was disclosed that prior to the pathologist providing information regarding the singer’s demise, Mohbad’s father had been granted permission to leave the courtroom.

The next date for the coroner is June 26, 2024, at 11:00 a.m. Many netizens voiced their unhappiness with the outcome in their comments, following the update.

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While the autopsy results may have left many feeling frustrated and disillusioned, it is essential to acknowledge the inherent limitations of forensic science, particularly in cases where external factors impede the examination process. The unfortunate reality is that decomposition can obscure vital forensic evidence, making it challenging for pathologists to definitively determine the cause of death. In such instances, forensic experts must rely on available evidence and scientific principles to formulate their conclusions, even if they fall short of providing definitive answers.

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