“I have A1 In English.” ~Prophet Odumeje Brags, Opens Up On Why He Speaks Badly

Odumeje revealed that he purposefully uses poor English.

Nigerian clergyman and musician, Chukwuemeka Cyril Ohanaemere, popularly known as Odumeje, has addressed the reason behind his deliberate use of poor English grammar.

A viral video captured Odumeje telling his congregation that despite his proficiency in English, he intentionally employs incorrect grammar as a form of sarcasm.

In the widely circulated clip, Odumeje strongly asserted that he had A1 in English.

Odumeje’s use of poor grammar can be viewed as a form of linguistic subversion, challenging the hegemony of “proper” English and reclaiming agency over language. In a country with over 500 indigenous languages and a rich tapestry of dialects and vernaculars, Odumeje’s linguistic performance reflects the diversity and dynamism of Nigerian linguistic landscape.

Watch the video here:

it is essential to acknowledge the potential implications of Odumeje’s linguistic choices. While some may view his unconventional approach as refreshing and authentic, others may see it as reinforcing negative stereotypes about the perceived inferiority of non-standard varieties of English. In a society where language proficiency often determines access to opportunities and social mobility, Odumeje’s advocacy for linguistic diversity may inadvertently perpetuate linguistic inequalities.

Furthermore, Odumeje’s assertion of his proficiency in English and his deliberate use of poor grammar raise questions about authenticity and performance in the realm of religious leadership. As a charismatic preacher and entertainer, Odumeje straddles the line between spiritual authority and showmanship, blurring the boundaries between the sacred and the profane. His linguistic theatrics may be interpreted as a form of spectacle designed to captivate and entertain his audience, rather than as a sincere expression of religious devotion.

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