Settle Rift With Fubara To Ensure Peace, Ijaw Group Urges Wike

The Ijaw group expressed dissatisfaction with the political crisis in the state, particularly between Governor Fubara and his predecessor, stating their commitment to truth and good governance.

The Ijaw National Congress Worldwide has urged Rivers State’s immediate past governor, Nyesom Wike, to make peace with Governor Siminialayi Fubara for peace and prosperity.

The group, which expressed its discontent with the state’s political problems, particularly between Fubara and his predecessor, stated that it would always be on the side of truth and good administration.

The group also commended President Bola Tinubu, an elder statesman, Chief Edwin Clarke, and some other eminent Nigerians for their intervention in the crisis.
The group called on the people of the state to remain vigilant, steadfast and continue to cooperate with law enforcement agencies to maintain peace in Rivers State and the Niger Delta as a whole

The Ijaw National Congress recognizes that leadership plays a pivotal role in shaping the destiny of a region. By urging reconciliation between key figures like Nyesom Wike and Governor Siminialayi Fubara, the group emphasizes that political harmony is fundamental to the progress of Rivers State. Leaders must rise above personal differences for the greater good, working collaboratively to address the challenges and aspirations of the people they represent.

Rivers State, with its rich cultural diversity and economic significance, stands to gain immeasurably from a climate of peace and stability. Political wrangling and discord can have far-reaching consequences, affecting governance, infrastructure development, and the overall well-being of the state’s residents. The Ijaw National Congress, through this appeal, envisions a Rivers State where leaders prioritize unity and cooperation to propel the region forward.

While urging reconciliation at the leadership level, the Ijaw National Congress also calls on the people of Rivers State to remain vigilant, steadfast, and cooperative with law enforcement agencies. Maintaining peace is a collective responsibility that extends beyond political figures to every citizen. The group underscores the importance of community cooperation, as it forms the bedrock of a secure and stable environment.

This was said in a statement released by the group’s president, Prof. Benjamin Okaba, and made available to newsmen in Akure, Ondo State, on Sunday.

In the statement, the group commended the people of Rivers State for standing up to the alleged planned impeachment of Fubara and encouraged Wike not to destabilize the state’s existing administration.

The statement read, “We urgently call on all political players in Rivers State to play their duty to their constituents and forthwith cease from any further acts capable of slurring the sanctity of the office, institution, and person of the Governor of all Rivers people.

“We specifically appeal to Chief Nyesom Wike to retrace his steps from stoking division of any sort against the government of the day under the guise of protecting his’structure’. The political structure to which he refers should not be rolled up with the structure of the government of Governor Fubara as one entity under anyone’s thumb.”

In urging Nyesom Wike to settle differences with Governor Siminialayi Fubara, the Ijaw National Congress Worldwide demonstrates a commitment to the well-being and progress of Rivers State. The call for reconciliation, coupled with commendations for intervention efforts and a plea for continued vigilance, underscores the group’s comprehensive approach to peacebuilding. As the people of Rivers State and the Niger Delta as a whole embrace this call for unity and cooperation, there is hope for a brighter and more prosperous future for the region. The Ijaw National Congress’s message resonates as a reminder that, in the pursuit of peace, every individual and leader plays a crucial role.

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