Oba of Benin's Visit to Governor Sanwo-Olu in Lagos

Oba of Benin gloried, as Lagos state governor Sanwo-Olu receives the highly revered monarch

The Oba of Benin, His Royal Majesty, Omonoba N’Edo Uku Akpolokpolo Ewuare II on Sunday that the promotion of diversity and unity is key to the development of the country.

Says diversity and unity of Nigeria made the country big and the giant of Africa
Congratulate Tinubu, Sanwo-olu on election victory

The Oba, who made the remarks during a visit to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State at the Lagos House, Marina, said the diversity and unity of Nigeria made the country big and the giant of Africa.

During the visit, Oba Ewuare II underlined the pivotal role that diversity plays in Nigeria’s growth and prosperity. Acknowledging the nation’s rich tapestry of ethnicities, languages, and cultures, he expressed that this diversity is what makes Nigeria not just a nation but a giant on the African continent. The unity that emerges from embracing this diversity, according to the Oba, is the key to unlocking the country’s full potential.

The Oba’s emphasis on unity and diversity as precursors to development resonates deeply in a nation as culturally and ethnically diverse as Nigeria. Governor Sanwo-Olu, welcoming the Oba and echoing his sentiments, highlighted the collaborative efforts needed to ensure the progress and prosperity of the country. Their shared vision emphasizes the role of inclusivity and cultural understanding in creating a robust and harmonious society.

According to him, it is good for Nigerians to be together and iron out the differences between the different groups.

“Nigerians should know that diversity is good for the people. Nigeria is big, but we are still together. We will remain together like this but have to iron out our differences. We should learn to live together like one big family,” he said.

The Oba further congratulated President Bola Tinubu, saying that it was the will of God that he would be the president of the country.

He also congratulated Mr. Sanwo-Olu on his re-election and urged him to uphold his electoral promises to the masses.

Reacting, Mr Sanwo-Olu thanked the Oba of Benin for his visit, as he rarely left his kingdom; hence, Lagos would not take such a visit for granted.

He commended the Oba for not falling short of the role his forefathers gave him, as the Benin Kingdom remained a known and respected kingdom worldwide.

The governor also thanked the Oba for his fatherly role, prayers, and best wishes for President Tinubu’s government.

”I am sure that he will not disappoint you. He will do everything possible to ensure the real dividend of democracy that helps our country reduce poverty,  give us a new sense of hope, and redefine social and economic development.

”We are beginning to see some of these interventions. Just last week, we saw another quarter of GDP growth in the country. The GDP growth has improved from what it was the last one or two quarters.

”So, we believe that with him at the helm of affairs, he will do a good job,” he said.

According to him, Lagos is the shoulder and neck of the country; hence, the government will continue to make sure that it remains home to a lot of people.

Sanwo-Olu also conducted the Oba around the John Randle Center for Yoruba Culture and History at Onikan.

”We are preserving the Yoruba culture and heritage for today and future generations,” he said.

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