Wike inspects National Church, Mosque, approves funds for maintenance

In a display of cultural and religious harmony, former Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike recently conducted an inspection of the National Church and Mosque. This remarkable gesture signifies a commitment to preserving the nation’s religious diversity and heritage. Furthermore, Governor Wike’s approval of funds for the maintenance of these iconic religious structures highlights his dedication to the promotion of unity, cultural heritage, and the preservation of important religious landmarks.

Federal Capital Territory FCT Minister, Ezenwo Nyesom Wike, on Thursday inspected two national monuments—the National Mosque and the Christian Ecumenical Centre—with strict orders to release funds for the maintenance of both monuments.

Accompanied by top officials of the FCT Administration, Wike expressed satisfaction with work done at both the National Mosque and the Christian Center, despite the initial stoppage of the work by contractors due to inadequate financing for additional works on the sites.

Wike expressed satisfaction with work done at both the National Mosque and the Christian Center.

He said the Christian Center had requested funds for Phase 2 of the renovation, noting however that if the FCT did not have the funds to complete the project, he would meet with President Bola Tinubu for more funds.

“Jobs were awarded for the maintenance of the two national monuments, which are the mosque and the church, and the jobs stopped because there were additional works that ought to be done.

“I am satisfied with all I have seen today, and I have approved that the money should be released to the contractors to complete the additional project.

“While the Christian Centre had requested a Phase II, I said that I would look at the cost if it is within what the Ministry of the FCT can build on its own; we would likely go ahead, but if it is what is above our threshold, we would have to go back to Mr. President for approval”.

According to him, the maintenance of both religious centers is part of President Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda, adding that the President is not against any religion but is interested in inclusivity for all faiths.

“What this tells you is that it is in line with the agenda of Mr. President, which is the Renewed Hope agenda of running an inclusive government and not abandoning national monuments like these, which is part of our pride. Look at what we saw at the mosque, see the landscaping, and look at what we have seen here in the church and the landscaping.

“They are built for the city, and that is why I have said that Mr. President is not anti-any religion. He takes all religions as one because we are all one Nigeria. Of course, you should know that he gave me the approval to come and visit these places and take up what it requires to be done”, he explained.

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