After Playing For 60 Hours Non-Stop, Tunde Onakoya Breaks Guinness World Record’s Longest Chess Marathon

Tunde Onakoya's Record-Breaking Chess Marathon

Tenacious Nigerian chess master, Tunde Onakoya, has broken the Guinness World Records for longest chess marathon.

Onakoya feat saw him play chess for more than two days straight to set the new record.

Onakoya, whose initial plan was to engage in a 58-hour game, surpassed expectations by playing in a nonstop match against his opponent Shawn Martinez for a staggering 60 hours.

This accomplishment broke the previous record of 56 hours, 9 minutes, and 37 seconds, set by Hallvard Haug Flatebo and Sjur Ferkingstad.

Despite writhing in pain and suffering from utter discomfort at some point during the game, Tunde’s resilience and tenacity saw him achieve his goal.

According to a charity organisation Gift of Chess, Tunde “curled over in pain,”

Amid the acute health challenges he grappled with during game, Onakoya did not throw in the towel and said “I will play on for the dreams of millions of children.”

The organisation said on Thursday “he was experiencing intense vomiting & stomach pain.”

In 2022, the 29-year-old chess master said in a tweet on X that he would like to be remembered “as the guy who thought it was possible to do great things from a small place,” and he is now paving the way for Children and people who have dreams in the game of chess.

The official duration of Messrs Onakoya and Martinez’s chess game awaits Guinness World Records’ verification and announcement

Throughout the marathon, Tunde’s resilience became increasingly evident, serving as a testament to the power of the human spirit to overcome adversity. Despite the odds stacked against him, he pressed on, his every move a testament to his unwavering dedication and indomitable will.

The support and encouragement of friends, family, and fellow chess enthusiasts played a crucial role in sustaining Tunde’s momentum throughout the marathon. Their unwavering belief in his abilities served as a source of strength, fueling his determination to persevere until the very end.

As the final moments of the marathon approached, anticipation and excitement reached a fever pitch. With each passing hour, Tunde inched closer to his goal, his every move met with rapt attention and admiration from spectators around the world. And when the moment of triumph finally arrived, it was met with thunderous applause and jubilant celebrations, marking the culmination of an extraordinary journey and the dawn of a new chapter in chess history.

Tunde Onakoya’s record-breaking chess marathon stands as a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and unwavering determination. In the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, he proved that with grit and resilience, anything is possible. His remarkable achievement will serve as an inspiration to aspiring chess players and dreamers alike, reminding us all that the pursuit of greatness knows no bounds.

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