Police Advocate for Tougher Laws to Prevent Withdrawal of Rape Cases

Call for Stricter Laws to Prevent Withdrawal of Rape Cases in Borno

In a bid to strengthen the fight against sexual violence, Deputy Commissioner of Police in Borno, DCP Ahmad Bello, has called for the enactment of stringent laws to prevent the withdrawal of rape and other sexual violence cases by victims’ relatives in court.

Speaking at a stakeholders’ consultative meeting on Enhancing Gender-Responsive Security Operations and Community Dialogue, organized by UN Women in collaboration with the Borno Ministry of Women Affairs, Bello highlighted the need for legal reforms to address the issue.

“One major challenge is the culture of silence and the stigmatization of rape and other sexual violence victims,” Bello stated. “We have witnessed instances where, during the prosecution of a sexual violence case, prosecutors receive court affidavits from victims’ relatives seeking to withdraw the case. These withdrawals often stem from fear of stigmatization. While many victims seek justice, they are placed in a difficult position by their relatives.”

Bello proposed laws that would require requests to withdraw such cases to be kept under review for a period, allowing the victim to make a final decision without pressure from their relatives.

He also urged UN Women and other stakeholders to sponsor a bill aimed at closing the legal loopholes that hinder the fight against sexual and gender-based violence in society.

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