Bayelsa Widow Seeks Justice and Support After Policeman Allegedly Kills Husband Over N200

Bayelsa Widow Recounts Tragic Police Shooting of Husband Over N200 Dispute

Evelyn Asiayei, the widow of Bayelsa driver Banalayefa Asiayei, has recounted the tragic events leading to her husband’s death, alleging that he was shot by a policeman over a dispute involving N200. Evelyn received the devastating news of her husband’s death on May 27, 2024, through a neighbor. Learning that her husband had been taken to the Federal Medical Centre (FMC) in Yenagoa, she was met with the heartbreaking reality that he had already passed away.

Evelyn last saw her husband around 6 pm that day at their market stall, where he had given her money to prepare dinner before heading off to pick up passengers. The routine was tragically interrupted when a policeman allegedly stopped Banalayefa’s vehicle to demand N200. Despite his compliance, the policeman shot him as he attempted to park. An eyewitness reported the van number, leading Banalayefa’s brothers to take his body to the Government House, demanding justice.

The police initially questioned the claim but later took the body to the mortuary. The policeman involved is reportedly in custody, and the family is pursuing the case. Evelyn, now solely responsible for her three young children, expressed the immense challenges she faces, as her husband had been the primary provider. She hopes the government will provide scholarships for her children, financial support, and a government job, and she demands justice for her husband.

Evelyn remains hopeful, trusting the governor’s public promise to handle the situation and awaiting the fulfillment of these promised actions.

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