Five Children Suffocate to Death Inside Abandoned Car in Niger Community

The heartbreaking incident occurred on Sunday in the Gurara Albishir area on Bida Road

Three children from the same parents, along with two others aged 5 to 10, tragically died of suffocation in an abandoned Honda Civic with Registration No. GO 778 ABC in Niger State.

The heartbreaking incident occurred on Sunday in the Gurara Albishir area on Bida Road. According to an eyewitness named Bala Usman, the children, who were playing in a nearby large compound, accidentally locked themselves inside the car, which had been abandoned for two years.

“They tried to open the car, but it refused to open and so they gave up trying. The car has been parked there for about two years by the owner.

“They may have mistakenly locked themselves up from around 11 am while the parents were searching for them, only to discover their dead bodies in the car around 4 pm after fruitlessly looking everywhere around the vicinity,” Usman said.

According to Punch, the victims, consisting of four females and one male, included three siblings and two children from different parents, one of whom was the owner of the car. The names and ages of four of the children were provided but withheld due to their status as minors. However, the identity of the fifth victim remains unknown.

Chairman of Chanchaga Local Government Area, Aminu Ladan, expressed his sorrow over the incident, describing it as unfortunate. Aminu, who resides in the neighborhood where the tragedy occurred, promptly visited the scene to offer his condolences to the grieving families.

Wasiu Abiodun, the PRO of the Niger State Police Command, also commented on the incident, stating that the owner of the vehicle has been summoned for questioning as the investigation unfolds.

“On 21/4/2024 at about 6.30 pm, based on information received at Kpakungu Div, five children of about 5–13 years of age were found trapped in a Honda Civic vehicle with Reg No. GO 778 ABC at Albishiri area of Minna.

“They were found to have suffocated in the vehicle, while their bodies were later removed by the various parents, as police visited the scene.

“However, the owner of the vehicle was invited for questioning, as the unfortunate incident is under investigation,” he stated.

There has been an outpouring of support for the grieving families and calls for greater awareness and action to prevent similar incidents in the future. Local authorities have vowed to investigate the circumstances surrounding the tragedy and take measures to raise awareness about the dangers of abandoned vehicles and promote child safety initiatives within the community.

The heartbreaking loss of five young lives in Niger State serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and the need for collective action to protect the most vulnerable members of society. As communities come together to mourn the loss of these innocent children, they must also redouble their efforts to prevent future tragedies and create safer environments where children can thrive without fear of harm or danger.

The suffocation deaths of five children inside an abandoned car in Niger State serve as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by neglected vehicles and the importance of proactive measures to ensure child safety. As the community mourns the loss of these young lives, it must also unite in a concerted effort to raise awareness, promote vigilance, and prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future. Only through collective action and unwavering commitment can we honor the memory of those we have lost and create a safer, more secure world for all children.

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