Anambra Assembly Calls For Compulsory Use Of Life Jackets On Waterways

This followed a motion moved at plenary, on Tuesday, under Matters of Urgent Public Importance by Mr Ikenna Ofodeme, member representing Ekwusigo constituency and Majority Leader

A motion mandating the usage of life jackets on state waterways was approved by the Anambra House of Assembly on Tuesday.

This came after a proposal made by Majority Leader and Ekwusigo constituency member Mr. Ikenna Ofodeme at Tuesday’s plenary session under the topic of Matters of Urgent Public Importance.

During his submission, Ofodeme stated that a number of people had died in canal incidents because life jackets were not worn by boat operators or passengers. According to him, there are laws that should require people to wear life jackets, but not doing so puts both the lives of boaters and passengers at serious risk.

“Section 14 (2) (b) of the 1999 Constitution stipulates that the protection of life and property remain the primary purpose of government.

“The safety of citizens utilising water transportation is of paramount importance too.

“Therefore, adequate provisions and distribution of certified life jackets be made to all maritime businesses with strict enforcement mechanisms to ensure proper usage by passengers and operators alike.

“There should also be public awareness to educate citizens on the importance of wearing life jackets during water transportation and the potential consequences of non-compliance,”he said.

Supporting the motion, Mr Golden Iloh, representing Ihiala Constituency II, said that such regulations would prevent accidents, minimising casualties, and fostering a culture of responsible water travel.

Mr. Noble Igwe, who was representing Ogbaru Constituency I, also spoke during the debate, stating that the proposal was appropriate to preserve the lives of both people and maritime company owners. The protection of citizens’ lives and property, according to Speaker of the House Dr. Somtochukwu Udeze, is a top priority for the administration.

“The state Assembly calls on the state Governor to direct the Commissioner for Transportation and other relevant agencies to compel lthe compulsory use of life jackets on all waterways in the state to ensure safety of lives,” he said.

The successful execution of the mandatory life jacket legislation necessitates cooperation between multiple parties, such as governmental organizations, boat owners, commuters, and oversight organizations. It requires the supply of high-quality, certified life jackets, frequent watercraft inspections to guarantee compliance, and public awareness campaigns to inform people of the significance of wearing life jackets when on board.

The assembly’s resolution also emphasizes how crucial it is to keep an eye on things and evaluate them frequently in order to gauge the policy’s effectiveness and deal with any new issues that may arise. It is crucial to regularly examine safety protocols and laws in order to adjust to evolving situations and improve the efficacy of life-saving efforts on Anambra’s waterways.

The decision by the Anambra State House of Assembly to mandate life jacket use is a big step in the right direction for raising the bar for water transportation safety. The assembly emphasizes the value of regulatory interventions in maintaining public safety and sets an example for proactive governance by placing a high priority on life protection and pushing for preventive measures. As the implementation moves forward, coordinated actions from all parties involved will be essential to attaining the goal of safer and more secure waterways for all Anambra State citizens and tourists.



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