Pastor Jerry Eze to Lead 4-Day Fasting and Prayer with AGN Over Deaths in Nollywood

The initiative was revealed by Emeka Rollas, who issued a heartfelt plea for fans and fellow industry colleagues to unite in solidarity and participate in this spiritual endeavor.

The Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has declared a fervent four-day period of prayer and fasting in response to the recent spate of tragic losses within Nollywood, aiming to ward off any recurrence in the future.

Emeka Rollas, the guild’s national president, took to Instagram on Monday to announce this effort, highlighting the founder of Streams of Joy International Church, Pastor Jerry Eze’s role in this spiritual undertaking.

Nollywood, often referred to as the heartbeat of African cinema, is not merely an industry but a cultural institution that shapes narratives, influences perceptions, and inspires millions across the globe. The loss of its luminaries is not just a blow to the entertainment world but a profound loss to the collective cultural heritage of Nigeria and beyond.

Pastor Jerry Eze’s leadership in this initiative signifies the convergence of faith and community, transcending individual affiliations to unite under a common purpose. His involvement underscores the importance of spiritual leaders engaging with societal issues and lending their voices to causes that affect the broader community.

Rollas emphasized the vital importance of these prayers in averting any further tragedies within Nollywood, especially in light of the recent losses of actors Mr. Ibu and Amaeachi Muonagor, who bravely fought illness, and Junior Pope, whose life was tragically cut short in a boat accident.

The AGN president, tagging numerous movie stars in his post, wrote:

“In view of the recent passing of our two veteran members and the devastating tragic boat mishap that claimed the lives of five active practitioners including John Paul Odonwodo, aka, Jnr Pope in Asaba, we have decided to seek divine intervention in fasting and prayers to avert similar occurrence in the future.

“Join us on the Alter of Fire from 2nd May to 5th may 2024 for prayers and declarations to deal with this ugly reproach.

“Actors cannot continue to die like chicken let us reclaim our spiritual airways and highways that seem to have been hijacked by certain powers. Other members of the Nollywood are free to join in this programme.appeal to all NSPDians all over the world and all lovers of ACTORS of NOLLYWO0D to join us in this programme.”


In times of crisis, the power of collective prayer and fasting has long been recognized as a potent force for transformation and renewal. It is a testament to the resilience and faith of the human spirit, transcending boundaries of creed, culture, and ideology to draw strength from the divine.

As the Nollywood community prepares to embark on this spiritual journey under the guidance of Pastor Jerry Eze and the auspices of the AGN, there is a sense of renewed hope and determination. It is a reaffirmation of the belief that even in the face of adversity, unity, faith, and perseverance can lead to healing and restoration.

In the days ahead, as prayers are lifted and fasts observed, may the spirit of resilience, solidarity, and faith prevail, ushering in a new dawn of hope and prosperity for Nollywood and its beloved members. And may the souls of those who have departed find eternal peace and rest in the arms of the divine.




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