A Necessary Step Towards Infrastructure Maintenance

The Purpose Of This Decision Is To Enable The Federal Government's Extensive Bridge Repair Projects.

The Federal Ministry of Works, through an announcement by Olukorede Keisha, the Federal Controller of Works in Lagos State, has declared the closure of all ramps of the Third Mainland Bridge starting at 7 a.m. on Monday.

The Third Mainland Bridge, a critical infrastructure connecting the mainland of Lagos to the island, stands as one of Nigeria’s most vital transportation arteries. With its strategic location and vital role in easing traffic congestion, the bridge plays a crucial role in the daily lives of millions of residents. Its closure for repairs underscores the government’s commitment to ensuring the safety and sustainability of key infrastructure that supports economic activities and social connectivity.


The decision to close all ramps of the Third Mainland Bridge stems from the Federal Government’s dedication to addressing infrastructure issues promptly. Over time, wear and tear, combined with the heavy traffic load, have taken a toll on the bridge’s structural integrity. To guarantee the safety of commuters and maintain the bridge’s functionality in the long run, extensive repair work has become imperative.

The repair works on the Third Mainland Bridge are expected to cover a range of issues, including but not limited to the strengthening of the bridge’s foundation, replacement of worn-out components, and routine maintenance of critical structural elements. These measures are aimed at ensuring the bridge’s resilience against the challenges posed by the harsh environmental conditions and heavy usage.

Undoubtedly, the closure of the Third Mainland Bridge will have a significant impact on commuters who heavily rely on this route for their daily commute. Alternative routes are likely to experience increased traffic congestion, leading to longer travel times for individuals traveling between the mainland and the island. However, the inconvenience caused by the closure is a short-term sacrifice for the long-term benefits of a structurally sound and safe Third Mainland Bridge.

The motoring public are hereby notified that all four ramps connecting Adekunle to TMB will be closed at the same time going forward

This decision aims to facilitate extensive repair works initiated by the Federal Government on the bridge.

The statement read, “In view of the above, the motoring public is hereby notified that all four ramps connecting Adekunle to TMB will be closed at the same time going forward.

“Consequently, motorists are hereby advised to use alternative routes while cooperating with the traffic management officials deployed to manage traffic and ensure hitch-free movement.

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