Immigration boss orders investigation into passport racketeering in South-East

Unveiling Passport Racketeering, Nigeria Immigration Service Launches Investigation into Allegations in the South East

The Comptroller General of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), Mrs. Caroline Adepoju, has ordered an investigation into allegations of passport racketeering against personnel of the service in the South East.

The Service Public Relations Officer, Deputy Comptroller of Immigration, Adedotun Aridegbe, said this in a statement on Saturday in Abuja.

The region have been accused of charging extra fees in addition to the official fees for obtaining international passports

The allegations of passport racketeering in the South have raised concerns about the integrity of the immigration service. It is claimed that some personnel have been exploiting their positions by charging unauthorized fees for passport issuance. This not only tarnishes the reputation of the NIS but also poses a significant challenge to citizens seeking to obtain essential travel documents.

Mrs. Caroline Adepoju’s prompt response to these allegations reflects a commitment to maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of the Nigeria Immigration Service. Ordering an investigation demonstrates a zero-tolerance stance towards corruption within the organization. The Comptroller General’s actions are crucial in ensuring that any wrongdoing is exposed and appropriate measures are taken to rectify the situation.

Passport racketeering has severe consequences for citizens, both financially and in terms of bureaucratic hurdles. The additional fees charged by unscrupulous personnel place an unnecessary burden on individuals already navigating a complex process. Moreover, the implications for international travel can be dire if these activities compromise the validity of issued passports.

One of the pillars of a functioning government agency is transparency and accountability. The NIS, being responsible for regulating the entry and exit of individuals in and out of the country, must ensure that its processes are transparent and free from corruption. The ongoing investigation is an opportunity for the service to demonstrate its commitment to these principles.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that passport control officers in the region have been accused of charging extra fees in addition to the official fees for obtaining international passports.

Aridegbe said that any officer found culpable would be dealt with, as the service would not tolerate any form of misconduct or improper behaviour.

“The attention of the NIS has been drawn to a report of allegations of misconduct against the personnel of the service over passport racketeering.

“As part of efforts to rid the agency of these bad eggs, an order for immediate probe into the allegations has commenced and anyone found guilty will be sanctioned.

“The CG and the Minister of Interior has given a directive for the investigation of the allegations and that is what we are doing,” he said.

Aridegbe maintained that the guidelines for application for international passport were clearly stated in NIS website.

“We also sent out our customer feedback number: 08028320751 (SPRO), 08067761196 (SA – SERVICOM), and we are not only ready to answer your calls but resolve issues.

“The problem is that Nigerians like to look for shortcut and so they fall into the hands of people who fleece them.

“They prefer to do things through the backdoor. Nigerians need to know that every office opened by the NIS has a duty to serve them, ” he said.

Aridegbe enjoined prospective applicants to visit the NIS official website at to apply for Passports.

He also urged them to make payments for their preferred passport categories and avoid patronising individuals or entities that request cash payments for passport services.

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