In a moment of extreme emotional openness, Pogba talked about his struggles in life.

Former Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba, has sent the football world into a frenzy and hysteria after making some deeply disturbing and disconcerting statements about his life.

Pogba revealed his struggles with life and how football, a sport he once loved passionately, has now turned into a source of suffering and turmoil in a social media video that went viral.

“I’m over. I’m dead. Paul Pogba doesn’t exist anymore.”, the French national team midfielder Paul Pogba said.

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The footage captures the visibly unsettled 31-year-old football star, seated in what appears to be a tranquil outdoor setting, letting it all out in a no holds barred conversation

“I don’t know who I am anymore. Football used to be my life, my passion. Now, it feels like I’ve lost myself,” Pogba confessed in the deeply poignant footage, which has elicited an outpour of sympathy and concern from fans and fellow athletes alike.

The French midfielder, who is renowned for his skill and agility on the field, has made a name for himself in the world of football. He has represented France in international competitions and played for elite teams like Manchester United and Juventus. His career has been characterized by highs and lows, significant times in the spotlight for the sport, as well as personal struggles. Many of Pogba’s admirers have expressed concern and conjecture in response to his sincere statement, with many wishing for his well-being and eventual return to the sport he loves. The film emphasizes the difficulties and anxieties that prominent figures confront, showing the toll that not just professional success but also celebrity and expectation can have on people.


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