Wofai Fada Speaks Out Amidst In-Laws’ Disapproval of Marriage

In the face of vociferous criticism from her in-laws regarding her marriage to their son Taiwo Cole, Wofai Fada has spoken out.

Comedienne, media personality and movie actress Wofai Fada has continued to promote her wedding on social media despite her husband’s family’s disapproval of their marriage.

Wofai Fada announced her marriage to Taiwo Cole in an Instagram post on Saturday with their pre-wedding pictues.

However, the Cole family in a statement dissociated themselves from the marriage, saying they were unaware of the marriage plans and did not grant consent or support.

Unverified rumors state that Taiwo Cole’s father disapproved of their union due to the age gap.

Wofai, who seemed unfazed by the statement, posted their pre-wedding video on her Instagram account on Sunday, captioning it, “Let love lead.” Scripture passages were used by Wofai Fada to support her declaration of love in a post shared on her Instagram story. The quotations emphasized the strength of authentic love above the fear of everyday people.

She wrote:

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love” (1 John 4:18).”

“Yesterday, we saw that as we abide in love, we can be sure we abide in God (1 John 4:16).”

Taiwo’s sister, who seems to be in favor of the union, shared images from their traditional wedding along with a congrats message on X.

She wrote:

“Congratulations to my twin brother and my new sister in love – your union is blessed with love. Let love lead! #TWO24.”

Fada’s narrative demonstrates the enduring power of love as she continues to negotiate the challenges of marriage in the public eye. Despite all the challenges she faces, she never wavers in her belief that love overcomes all obstacles. She also extends an invitation to all of us to embrace the transformative power of love and to have faith in its capacity to triumph over the most formidable challenges by sharing her experience with the world.

In addition to being a statement of defiance, Wofai Fada’s choice to speak out against her in-laws’ condemnation of her marriage is also a declaration of love’s victory over hardship. Her bravery in expressing her truth serves as a reminder that love is the strongest force for harmony and understanding in a society when division is a common goal. May her perseverance serve as an inspiration to all of us as we follow her path and work to create a world in which love is the highest virtue.

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