Why Single Mothers Struggle To Find Partners – Joselyn Dumas

Joselyn Dumas stated that this mentality contributes to why many single mothers are single, as they encounter biases due to their status.

Actress and television presenter, Joselyn Dumas, has opened up about the hurdles single mothers encounter while navigating the complexities of love and relationships.

In a recent conversation on her YouTube channel, Joselyn Dumas shared a personal story about a friend who was hesitant to date a woman with a child, citing his reluctance to take on parental responsibilities for a non-biological child.

According to Dumas, this mindset is a significant obstacle for single mothers seeking love, as they often encounter biases due to their parenting status.

“As single mothers,” Dumas explained, “We have our kids as single mothers but we still want to be happy. We still want to date other people.”

She recounted a conversation with her friend, Anthony, who adamantly declared, “I will never be with someone who has a child.”

His reason was: “Why would I come and raise somebody else’s child? That’s not my bloodline. He doesn’t have any trace of my DNA in him. Why am I going to now help someone’s bloodline grow? What about mine?”

Dumas reflected on how this perspective perpetuates the single status of many mothers

She stated that the societal bias against single mothers often stems from misconceptions about their ability to form lasting relationships.

“And I said to myself that this is the reason why a lot of single mothers are single with their children” she said.

She also touched on adoption, Dumas questioned the difference in attitude toward caring for a non-biological child.

“Is adoption really that different?” she asked. In her view, the love and commitment required to raise a child should not be viewed through the lens of biology.

“I asked him, ‘What about adoption?’ And he said that’s different. But if you ask me, it’s not that different,” she said.

Joselyn Dumas emphasized that: “Single mothers often choose to raise their children alone out of sacrifice and necessity, not because they prefer a single life.”

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As society continues to evolve and embrace more diverse family structures, it’s crucial to challenge the stereotypes and biases that marginalize single mothers in the dating world. We must create a culture of acceptance and inclusivity where all individuals, regardless of their parental status, are valued and respected as equals.

The struggles faced by single mothers in finding partners are rooted in societal biases and misconceptions about their worth and desirability. By challenging these stereotypes and fostering a more inclusive and understanding attitude, we can create a world where single mothers feel empowered to pursue meaningful and fulfilling relationships without fear of judgment or rejection.

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