Why I don’t have children – Burna Boy opens up amid rumours he can’t have kids(Video)

Afrobeat Singer, Burna Boy Opens Up Amid Rumours He Can’t Have Kids, Gives Reasons

Grammy-winning Nigerian sensation, Damini Ogulu, famously known as Burna Boy, recently peeled back the curtain on his decision to delay fatherhood.

During an engaging Instagram live session with his fans, the 32-year-old musical genius openedly revealed that he is deliberately delaying parenting because he feels he will not be able to give his future children the full attention they deserve.

he “Ye” hitmaker further elaborated that he envisions himself embracing fatherhood when he feels more settled or finds himself in a committed marital union.

He said, “Why haven’t I had kids yet? Bro, because I don’t want to have kids yet.

“Have you seen my mum the way she loves me? Have you seen my dad the way he loves me?I know I can’t give that to anyone right now with the life I’m living. So until I’m settled and I can be there for my children everyday, I’m not having no kid.

“I feel like my kids deserved better than I got. And I got both my mum and dad so you understand?”


The musician recently became well-known online when videos of a brand-new car he purchased as a present for his mother, Bose Ogulu, went viral. To honor his mother on Mother’s Day, the car was a gift. Following the release of the new whip, a video featuring Burna Boy and his mother posing has gone viral. The Afro-fusion artist was thanked by Burna Boy’s mother in the viral video for giving her such an opulent Mother’s Day gift.

Burna Boy’s choice to put off becoming a father is also a reflection of his dedication to self-improvement and self-learning. He understands that he is still developing as a person, taking lessons from his past and working to improve. By putting his personal growth first, Burna Boy intends to lay a strong foundation for the day when he is able to establish a loving, compassionate, and respectful family.

Burna Boy challenges us to consider the expectations and conventions of society that frequently shape our decisions. His challenge is to live our life according to our own truth, no matter how others may view us, and to embrace our honesty. In the end, Burna Boy’s path is a potent reminder that genuine fulfillment stems from remaining loyal to oneself in the face of difficulty.

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