Why I Can Never Enroll in BBNaija: Saida BOJ Rubbishes Show

Saida BOJ claims in an interview that she should now be paid to appear in shows like BBNaija because she has outgrown them.

Controversial social media Influencer Saida BOJ, has stirred up controversy once again with her recent comments regarding BBNaija reality TV shows.

The social media celebrity, who had previously drawn fire for supporting the idea that men should pay for relationships, suddenly found herself in the spotlight after losing all of her social media accounts in the wake of intense backlash. Saida BOJ talked about her thoughts on reality shows like BBNaija in an interview with well-known media personality Egungun of Lagos. She claimed that these platforms were not appropriate for her at this point in her life.

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She revealed that she had tried out for BBNaija three times and had been turned down each time. She added with confidence that this was the show is fault, highlighting her opinion that she would have provided a great deal of entertainment value for the cast.

In her words;

“I don’t think I can go for Big Brother, I feel like I have passed that stage. I’ve done Big Brother like thrice but dem no pick me. Na their loss cos I go make una show hot. Now, I don pass una stage. They have to pay me to come to the show now.”

Saida Boj continued her tirade on Lekki boys, calling them out for their high rates of adultery and immature behavior since they have so many options.


In other developments, it has been reported that notorious social media influencer Sarah Idaji Ojone, also known as Saida Boj, has deleted all of her social media accounts due to her remarks that have caused controversy. Remember when the influencer made some contentious remarks about charging men to sleep with her when she was a guest on Nedu’s podcast?


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