Why Ekene Umenwa left her hubby to kneel before Moses Bliss – MC at couple’s wedding reception, speaks

The MC who presided over the Nollywood couple Alex Kleanson and Ekene Umenwa’s wedding reception has come out to address the controversy surrounding the bride’s unannounced decision to kneel in front of guest artist Moses Bliss.

Ekene Umenwa has come under fire from critics after momentarily leaving her husband behind to submit to the gospel singer on the dance floor. It seemed to some that she was worshiping a mere mortal in this circumstance.


Deacon Famous, the multi-talented MC, comedian, and content creator, stirred up social media by addressing the viral sensation of actress Ekene Umenwa kneeling before gospel singer Moses Bliss, who made an unexpected appearance at her wedding reception.


Ekene and her filmmaker spouse, Alex Kleanson, orchestrated a wedding extravaganza that had family, friends, and colleagues turning up in droves.

The pinnacle of their wedding reception came when MC Deacon Famous introduced Moses Bliss as a surprise guest. Ekene, an avid fan of the gospel singer, left her husband to kneel before him. This impulsive act generated criticism and unfavorable headlines on various blogs.

Responding to the criticism, MC Deacon Famous, in a video shared on his Instagram page, explained that he personally extended the invitation to the gospel singer to surprise Ekene at the wedding. He did so because she desired a worship and gospel maestro to serenade her, her husband, and the attendees.

The comedian emphasized that Moses Bliss holds a special place in Ekene’s heart as one of her cherished gospel singers, whom she listens to regularly. This is precisely why she eagerly rushed to kneel before him out of sheer excitement.

He clarified that Ekene’s act of kneeling was not driven by the singer’s superstar status but rather by the anointing and spiritual presence that the ordained gospel minister brought with him to her wedding.

Deacon Famous explained that Ekene kneeled down to offer a prayer and show reverence to God. He shared a brief video clip as evidence that contradicted the claims about her abandoning her husband to welcome the singer. In the clip, her husband can be seen joining her in kneeling before the singer as they both engaged in a moment of prayer together.

He firmly stated that Ekene did nothing wrong by kneeling before the singer and highlighted that several other guests at the reception also kneeled down to worship during Moses Bliss’s performance. He couldn’t comprehend why there was such a fuss about her act.

The MC added that the actress aimed to create a spiritually uplifting atmosphere at her wedding reception to seek God’s blessings as she and her husband embarked on their journey into marriage

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