Why 7th January Is Christmas In Ethiopia

Unlike in many parts of the world that celebrate Christmas on the 25th of every December, 7th January is Christmas in Ethiopia.

Christmas  in Ethiopia is called Ganna (or Genna) and is celebrated on January 7th of every year just the same way other parts of the world where Christians domicile celebrates theirs on the 25th of December.

Why Do Ethiopians Celebrate Christmas on 7th January?

Just like many Orthodox, Protestant and Catholic churches around the world, Christmas is celebrated in Ethiopia on the January 7th. This is because the months of the Ethiopian calendar are different, Ganna is on the 29th day of the month of Tahsas.

The Orthodox Churches in Ethiopian consider January 7th to be the day of Jesus’ birth and is therefore the day for major religious activity in the country.

One of the major features of the Ethiopian Christmas day is the long practiced traditional game similar to hockey. This game is believed to have evolved from the shepherds tending to their flocks on the night Jesus was born.

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January remains the best time to visit Ethiopia because of the celebrations happening in the country in that period which is rooted in their traditions

If you are a lover of tradition and culture that has an interest in studying the Ethiopian culture, January is the best time to visit. And also because of the calm weather that the country has in January.

The country’s Calendar is very different from other parts of the world, the country is still in the year 2015 and not 2023.

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