What You Need To Know About The Erienyeibe BVAS Football Tournament

The organizers of the Erienyeibe BVAS Football Tournament have released some vital information on how participants can apply to be part of the tournament.

The Erienyeibe BVAS FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT is a first of its kind in the history of Udi LGA State House of Assembly politics. Where a Candidate of the ruling party willingly, deliberately and consciously applies huge resources to engender greater political consciousness and participation.

Udi South is a State constituency in Enugu State Nigeria. The ruling PDP party candidate in the coming 2023 general elections in Nigeria, Hon. Hyacinth Okechukwu Aneke (Erienyeibe) introduced the Erienyeibe BVAS FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT to help in creating a political awareness in the State.

According to the publicity secretary of the Erienyibe Football Tournament, Hon. Izuchukwu Ochenwari, “It is in agreement with the philosophy of Hon. Okechukwu Aneke, (Erienyeibe), which is founded on equitable distribution of available resources and opportunities.”

Hon. Hyacinth Okechukwu Aneke
                                                            Hon. Hyacinth Okechukwu Aneke

“Thus, it should not surprise us so much that Hon. Hyacinth Okechukwu Aneke is blazing a trail by staking a huge some of his hard earned money to engender a new attitude to voting in our electoral process, in our various grassroots, the electoral Wards of Udi South.”

“The simple purpose of this tournament is to reorient our people on the need not only to participate in elections, but to think home during the subsequent Voter registration exercise.”

“For successful management of this Tournament, we will rely on the Members of the Tournament Planning Committee, the Ward Chairmen and Councilors of the eleven Wards, the Administrators and our general public as well as our various Stakeholders.”

Mode Of Operations Of The Erienyeibe BVAS Football Tournament.

  • The tournament shall have Udi South State Constituency divided along the administrative Centers line.
  • It shall have two Groups of 1 & 2 representing the two Administrative Centers.
    Group 1: has five teams (Wards), labelled A,B,C,D,E while Group 2 has 6 teams (Wards), labelled A,B,C,D,E,F.
  • In Group 1, a Team will be on standby and the choice of that Team will be determined by a lucky dip.
  • Assuming for instance, that Team is E, then it shall have a five games of A v B, C v D.
  • The Teams shall then be ranked by point tallies and the runner up will play the standby Team E.
  • The victorious Team in this encounter will then play the best loser of the Group to determine the finalist. This will total about 4 matches.
  • In Group 2, the 6 Teams of A,B,C,D,E,F shall play each in pairs of two as determined via balloting, then the three victorious Teams will be graded on their point tallies and the second best Team will play the 3rd to determine who plays the best Team in the finals. This will total about 6 matches.
  • Thus, in total, it will have about 11 matches as the 3rd place match is eliminated.
  • The decision of which Team plays another in each Group shall be determined via balloting.

The organizers are choosing Nsude and Udi as the venues for the tournament matches.

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The Erienyeibe BVAS Football Tournament Rules.

  1. Any fights among Teams shall attract a fine of 50,000 Naira for each Team involved.
  2. Red cards and yellow shall attract a fine of #20,000 and #5,000 respectively, deducted from the Team prize money.
  3. Balloting and lucky dips shall be adopted as a means of ceding and pairing teams.
  4. All Players are expected to register with passport photographs and a copy of their PVC.
  5. All participants are mandated to be registered for voting in the Wards they intend to represent for the tournament or they shall be deemed as ineligible.
  6. The prize money of 1 Million Naira and 500,000 respectively, will be administered by the Ward Chairman and Councilors in consultation with the Administrators of each Zones.
  7. A maximum of 21 players are allowed for registration and no changes shall be entertained after the registrations.
    Any new entrants in the course of the tournament shall be considered an offence and appropriate fines shall apply.

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