We Don’t Want Tribunal Proceedings Broadcast Live – INEC

The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC has been running away from allowing the Presidential Tribunal court hearing to be broadcast live.

The commission on Thursday expressed its opposition to the request made by Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), for a live broadcast of the proceedings of the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal.

“We urge your lordship to refuse this application,” prayed A.B Mahmud, INEC’s lawyer. “It is unnecessary and uncalled for. It will defeat the essence of administration of justice.”

Mr. Mahmud, representing the commission, stated that the court is already a public place accessible to the public, making the need for real-time broadcast unnecessary. INEC emphasized that broadcasting proceedings is subject to strict legal limitations in jurisdictions where it is practiced. Additionally, INEC clarified that there is a distinction between televising and live-streaming proceedings.

According to INEC, in the jurisdictions it is familiar with, live-streaming is regulated by the court. It argued that introducing cameras into the courtroom would undermine the solemn atmosphere required for serious legal proceedings. The courtroom is meant for conducting important legal business and should not be turned into a theatrical setting.

In response to Mr. Atiku’s argument that the matter at hand is of “monumental importance” and that live broadcast would demonstrate the seriousness and commitment of the lawyers involved, INEC asserted that lawyers and jurists are already dedicated and do not require the additional pressure of being in front of cameras while carrying out their duties.

INEC concluded by stating that they do not wish to be subjected to additional pressure caused by cameras constantly capturing their faces during the course of their work.

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