"University of Ilorin Grants Reprieve, Extends POST-UTME Registration Deadline"

December 17, 2023 is the new registration deadline.

A one-week extension of POST-UTME registration has been allowed by the University of Ilorin, Unilorin, to accommodate days of technical difficulties.

Earlier, the deadline for the POST-UTME registration was December 10, before the new extension.
The registrar therefore advised intending candidates to register within the extended period, as there would be be further extension.

This is stated in a statement made on Sunday in Ilorin by the university’s registrar, Mr. Mansur Alfanla.

He declared that December 17, 2023, would be the new registration deadline.

Recall that prior to the extension, the post-UTME registration deadline was December 10.

The decision to extend the POST-UTME registration period by one week underscores the university’s commitment to fairness and accessibility. Technical difficulties are an inevitable aspect of the digital age, and Unilorin’s recognition of this reality exhibits a compassionate understanding of the challenges faced by students during the registration process.

In the statement released on Sunday in Ilorin, Registrar Mansur Alfanla not only announced the extension but also urged intending candidates to make the most of this grace period. He emphasized the significance of registering within the extended timeframe, making it clear that there would be no further extensions beyond this granted week. This guidance serves as a gentle reminder to candidates to act promptly and utilize the additional time wisely.

Prospective students, initially grappling with the looming December 10 deadline, can now breathe a sigh of relief as the university extends an additional week for POST-UTME registration. This extension is a window of opportunity, an extra chance for candidates to fulfill their aspirations and secure their academic futures at the prestigious University of Ilorin.

The acknowledgement of technical challenges as a valid reason for extending the registration deadline reflects Unilorin’s commitment to equitable access to education. In an era where technological glitches can impede progress, the university’s decision is a nod to inclusivity, ensuring that no deserving candidate is unfairly hindered by unforeseen obstacles in the pursuit of education.

In a landscape where the pursuit of education is often fraught with challenges, the University of Ilorin’s decision to extend the POST-UTME registration deadline exemplifies a compassionate approach. The institution recognizes that the journey to higher education is unique for each candidate, and unforeseen circumstances can arise. This extension is more than just a prolongation of a deadline; it is a demonstration of understanding, empathy, and a commitment to ensuring that every deserving candidate has an equal opportunity to showcase their potential.

As aspiring students navigate the extended registration period, Unilorin’s gesture serves as a beacon of support, guiding them towards a future enriched by education. This move echoes the university’s dedication to fostering an inclusive and supportive academic community, setting a positive tone for the educational journeys of the next generation of leaders and thinkers.

The registrar therefore advised intending candidates to register within the extended period as there would not be further extension.


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