University of Calabar implements significant tuition fee increase for 2022/2023 academic sessions

The University of Calabar (UNICAL) has announced an increase in undergraduate tuition fees by over 100 percent.

The University of Calabar (UNICAL) has officially announced a significant increase in tuition fees for undergraduate students, marking an increase of over 100%. The decision was reached at an emergency meeting of the university’s Senate on Friday, according to a statement by Mr. Effiong Eyo, the institution’s spokesperson.

University of Calabar announces a tuition fee increase of over 100%, effective from 2022–2023, citing economic realities and academic standards
The revised fees vary for non-science and science courses, affecting freshmen, returning students, and final-year students, sparking reactions from students

The revised fees, effective from the 2022–2023 and 2023–2024 academic sessions, vary for different categories of students and courses. For non-science courses, freshers, returning students, and final-year students are now required to pay N111,000, N91,500, and N114,000, respectively. Additionally, they are expected to pay N36,500, N21,500, and N21,500, respectively, as third-party dues.

Correspondingly, fees for science courses have been increased to N155,000, N125,000, and N148,000 for freshers, returning students, and final-year students, respectively. Third-party dues for science students have also been adjusted to N38,500, N21,500, and N21,500, respectively.

Prior to this increment, tuition fees for the average student ranged from N49,500 to N64,050, depending on the department, for returning students, final-year students, and freshers.

Unsurprisingly, the announcement has triggered a wave of protests and demonstrations on the university campus. Students are expressing their discontent with placards and vocal chants, demanding a reconsideration of the decision. Social media platforms are also ablaze with discussions as students voice their concerns and organize online campaigns against the tuition fee hike. The university’s administration now faces the challenge of managing the unrest and finding a resolution that satisfies both the institution’s financial needs and the students’ demands.

The University of Calabar’s decision to implement such a drastic tuition fee increase has faced criticism from various quarters. Some argue that the move neglects the economic realities faced by many students and their families. Others question the transparency and justification behind the fee adjustment, urging the university to provide a detailed breakdown of how the additional funds will be utilized to enhance academic standards.

As tensions escalate, there is a growing call for dialogue between the university administration and student representatives. Negotiations could help establish a middle ground that addresses the financial needs of the institution while considering the genuine concerns of the students. The university may also explore alternative sources of revenue or financial aid programs to support students who may struggle with the new fee structure.

The university’s management justified the fee hike by citing current economic realities and the necessity to maintain the institution’s academic standards. The move has sparked reactions among students and the public, highlighting the ongoing challenges in the education sector, particularly in the face of economic pressures.


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