UK Schools Shutdown Over Heavy Snow

Many schools across the United Kingdom (UK) have decided to shutdown schools for two consecutive days following the heavy snows that they are currently witnessing.

According to reports by Daily Mall, thousands of classrooms were reportedly closed on Monday as an Arctic freeze engulfed the UK. Pupils are said work remotely because of the closure.

Most of the schools are still closed as of Tuesday while some opted for a later start time opening to avoid casualties that might be caused due to the snow.

Many reports have it that The Met Office has issued a Yellow Snow and Ice warning covering both northern Scotland and northeastern England from midnight on Tuesday, 13th December, 2022, until noon on Thursday.

Braemer, in Aberdeenshire, has been reported to record the lowest minimum temperature since February of 2021 and the lowest maximum in 12 years with a low temperature of  -17ºC and a high of -9.3ºC. The five next coldest temperatures were all recorded in Scotland, including -13.1ºC at Balmoral.

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Oli Claydon, the Met Office spokesperson, said there would be heavy snow in some places again on Tuesday.

According to Oli Claydon, “Coming into force at midnight tonight all the way through to lunchtime on Thursday, (there is a) large snow and ice warning covering the North-East of England, the whole sort of northern portion of Scotland, as well as the Highlands and islands”.

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