Trump’s Twitter Account Restored

The Former President of the United States of America, Donald Trump’s Twitter account Has been Restored.

Former President Trump which is one of the most controversial presidents the United States has ever had. Trump is a lover of social media and he is one of the people that made people to start visiting Twitter more often especially in the United States.

He gives appointments and dishes out some vital information to all government officials in the country using the platform. He had a great engaging followers on Twitter during his time as the president of America.

Trump’s social media accounts were all disabled by the big media houses in the United States of America ranging from his Facebook account, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc., following a protest that escalated in the country’s capitol which saw properties destroyed.

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Why Was Trump Banned On Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)?

Trump was accused of hate speech and posting of articles that incite riots in the United States of America.

This happened after he lost the US 2020 election to Democrat Joe Biden after one term in office, which Trump called a BIG LIE and started using some words which the social media platforms considered as inciting of violence and hate speech. He was also accused of being the instigator of the riot that occurred in the country’s Capitol.

Why Did Twitter Restore Trump’s Account?

Trump Twitter Account


After the take over of twitter by the world richest man Elon Musk, he conducted a poll asking the platform users to vote if they want Twitter to reinstate former President Trump. The pool which 15,085,458 votes as its final results have 51.8% voted in favor while 48.2% voted against made Twitter to reinstate former President Trump’s Twitter Account (@realDonaldTrump).


Trump Pool

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