TCN Denies Looming National Blackout Amid Nationwide Strike

TCN Debunks False Report Of National Blackout Amid Workers’ Strike

There has been a surge of concern following an online newspaper’s report predicting a nationwide blackout in Nigeria. The report claimed that the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) was on the brink of a failure that could lead to an extensive power outage across the country. However, the TCN has vehemently denied these allegations, asserting that the information presented in the report is inaccurate and misleading.

The Transmission Company of Nigeria, responsible for the transmission of electricity across the nation, has clarified that there is no imminent threat of a nationwide blackout. In an official statement released in response to the online newspaper’s report, the TCN emphasized that the power transmission infrastructure is robust and well-maintained.

While the TCN acknowledges that the power sector faces technical challenges from time to time, these challenges are not uncommon in any complex system. The company is actively working to address and resolve any technical issues promptly to ensure the stability of the power grid.

The National Union of Power Employees (NUEE) in Nigeria, representing power workers, has been ordered by the Nigeria Labour Congress to cease their services.
The TCN National Control Centre in Osogbo, which controls bulk power transmission nationwide, is actively operational.
The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has refuted an online newspaper’s report that a nationwide blackout is about to occur.

TCN, in a statement titled ‘False publication by daily post on national blackout’ signed by its management, noted that the nation’s power grid was intact and supplying bulk electricity to distribution load centers nationwide.

It said: “The Transmission Company of Nigeria hereby states that the publication by the Daily Post alleging that the Head of Public Affairs of TCN said that there would be a national blackout is false and totally misleading.

“The statement is mischievous and baseless, as TCN, through the Public Affairs Head, did not make such a statement.

“We hereby note that the nation’s grid is intact and supplying bulk electricity to distribution load centres nationwide.

“As at when issuing this statement, the TCN National Control Centre Osogbo which controls bulk power transmission nationwide, is actively operational. We would appreciate that reports are made with a sense of responsibility not just to cause panic.”

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