Tinubu Vows Justice for Kaduna Village Bombing Victims: A Pledge to Heal and Rebuild

President Bola Tinubu has vowed to ensure the good people of Kaduna state and Nigerians in general are safe and protected.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has pledged that those responsible for the devastating bombardment of Tudun Biri village, which claimed over 90 lives, will face appropriate consequences. Tinubu assured the nation that justice would prevail and that anyone found culpable would be punished.

The serene village of Tudun Biri was shaken to its core when a merciless bombing spree resulted in the loss of numerous lives. Families were torn apart, homes reduced to rubble, and the community left in mourning. The aftermath of such an atrocity demands not only immediate relief and support for the affected but also a steadfast commitment to bringing the perpetrators to justice.

In a national address, President Tinubu expressed his heartfelt condolences to the families affected by the Tudun Biri tragedy. With empathy in his voice, he acknowledged the pain and sorrow that the community is enduring. Beyond words of solace, Tinubu made a solemn vow to the nation—a commitment that justice would be served.

Furthermore, the President guaranteed comprehensive care for all victims through the Folako Initiative, set to commence this month. Tudun Biri village is earmarked as the first community to be reconstructed under this initiative.

Vice President Kashim Shattima, representing Tinubu, conveyed the message on Thursday after visiting victims at Barau Dikko Teaching Hospital to offer condolences.

Tinubu emphasized the federal government’s unwavering commitment to combatting banditry across the region. Shattima stated, “The President was deeply touched by what happened. We will assure the people and government of Kaduna that measures will be taken to protect and preserve our nation’s interests.”

He continued, “Under the Fulako Initiative, victims will receive proper care starting this month, and Tudun Biri will be the first community rebuilt in the northwest zone. Stringent measures will be implemented to prevent future occurrences, and a thorough investigation will be conducted. Those found culpable will face appropriate punishment.” Tinubu’s assurance reflects the government’s determination to address the tragedy and uphold justice for the affected community in Kaduna.


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