“Tinubu Is Planning To Arrest Peter Obi” – Charly Boy Alerts The Public

Charly Boy sent President Tinubu a strong warning in a recent statement that was full of mystery about the possible consequences of trying to arrest Peter Obi.

The seasoned maverick singer and performer Charly Boy has claimed that the Federal Government, led by President Bola Tinubu, is planning to detain Peter Obi, the former Labour Party presidential candidate, because of his ongoing criticism of the government.

Charly Boy, known for his outspoken nature and fearless advocacy, highlighted the potential repercussions of such an action by the Tinubu-led Federal Government. He emphasized that any attempt to arrest Peter Obi could ignite widespread public outrage, leading to robust resistance from citizens and potentially triggering significant unrest and discontent across the nation.

He sent out a severe warning on his X handle, claiming that any attempt to detain or punish Obi would meet with never-before-seen opposition in Nigerian history.

Charly Boy urged the Federal Government to exercise caution and refrain from igniting nationwide unrest by avoiding any illegal arrest of Peter Obi.

He wrote;

“There’s a report of an attempt of arrest on Peter Obi, by Tinubu’s Government over Peter Obi’s consistent refusal to back down on calling Tinubu out towards good governance and accountability.

“Any arrest or charges against Obi must be met with a resistance as never seen in the history of Nigeria before, and the Obidients are ready for it. Tinubu’s government must trend with caution not to set this nation on fire with an illegal arrest of HE Peter Obi. We call on Tinubu’s government to desist from her evil plans against Peter Obi because Nigeria will not remain the same.”


Not too long ago, Peter Obi tweeted that Tinubu was hurting taxpayer-funded investments and increasing unemployment, citing the $200 million Landmark Beach Resort as an example.

The former governor of Anambra expressed sorrow at the impending loss of thousands of jobs, pointing out that over 100,000 employment in the tourism and hospitality industry, as well as 80 small enterprises employing 4,000 people, the most of whom are young, are in danger of disappearing.

The cautionary tale from Charly Boy should spur all citizens to protect democratic values and oppose efforts to curtail the fundamental liberties and rights protected by the constitution.

The claims made by Charly Boy regarding Tinubu’s purported conspiracy to arrest Peter Obi highlight how crucial it is to defend democratic values and the rule of law. We must never waver in our commitment to upholding democratic principles and making our leaders answerable for their deeds. Failing to do so would put our democracy’s basic structure at danger and imperil the freedoms we cherish most.

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