The process regarding my impeachment was null and void-Fubara rejects the “rubbish” impeachment process.

While denouncing the reported sitting of certain MPs, the governor also denounced the burning of the Assembly buildings.
Rivers Governor Siminalayi Fubara has declared that the “rubbish” impeachment procedure that 24 of the 32 lawmakers started against him will not be allowed to continue. The governor made these demands while surrounded by scores of his supporters at the Rivers State Government House.

Even though the Assembly structure was demolished on Sunday night, lawmakers are rumoured to have convened in a nearby chamber to start the process of dismissing Fubara, who took the oath of office as governor on May 29.

It was discovered that the parliamentarians had suspended Ehi Edinson, the leader of the House, and four other politicians due to the House bombing before starting the procedure.

Twenty-four of the thirty-two House members came together to remove Edison, along with four other lawmakers who were allegedly in favour of the governor.

Shortly after the lawmakers rose and departed from the House, Fubara was seen trying to gain entrance into the bombed section of the Assembly complex.

The governor was shielded by some Ijaw youths and about three policemen as he walked into the chaotic Moscow Road leading to the complex.

There was commotion as teargas canisters were thrown at the Governor and gunshots fired into the air by security operatives as Fubara walked into the Assembly complex.

After inspecting the damage done by the fire, Fubara described the development as unfortunate saying he was aware of the plot to impeach him.

The Governor lamented that the security operatives had been compromised and cried out that he was directly shot at on his way to the Assembly complex.

Describing himself as a peaceful person, Fubara said he was not planning anything against anybody and called on the people of the State to pray for him.

Fubara said: “It is unfortunate that we should be experiencing this kind of thing again after about nine years ago when we experience a similar thing.

“I got the information last night and said I must come and see it myself. Everybody who knows me knows that I’m a peaceful person. I am aware about the a plot to impeach me for whatever reason but I’m not bothered about it.

“But I am worried that a facility like this built with tax payers money will be destroyed like this for selfish reasons just to please somebody”.

The Governor said he was ready to be remembered as someone, who died for the struggle describing the move by the lawmakers to impeach him as rubbish.

“I’m calling on security agencies, but from what I have seen the security is even compromised. They were shooting at me directly.

“I am not planning anything against anybody. I hear some people gathered here to do whatever. But that is pure rubbish. You cannot sit when there is a problem and say you are doing anything. What are you doing?

“I’m the chief security officer. No other person should come and create an alternative place somewhere for the Assembly to seat”.

Youths especially from the Ijaw extraction were seen surrounding the entrance to the Government House along to he Nnamdi Azikiwe road.

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