Taliban Conducts First Public Execution Since Return To Power In Afghanistan

According to a report by the BBC, a man accused of murder was publicly executed by his victim’s father in Afghanistan. This was tagged their first public execution since their return to power in Afghanistan.

According to the spokesperson of the Taliban, the man was executed in a crowded sports stadium in the southwestern Farah province.

He also narrated that the father of the victim shot at the murderer 3 good times in the presence of the some Taliban leaders and the general public. This is coming after Judges were asked to fully implement the Sharia Law in all their judgement.

The supreme leader of the Taliban Haibatullah Akhundzada issued the edict last month ordering the Judges to impose a Capital punishment which may include public executions, public amputations and stoning according to reports. Although the Taliban are yet to officially define exact crimes and its corresponding punishment.

The Taliban have also resulted to other punishments like public flogging of offenders to help them curtail law offenders in the country.

The public execution was also attended by by several Supreme Court justices, military personnel and senior ministers – including the justice, foreign and interior ministers.

Mohammad Khaled Hanafi, charged who was charged with imposing the Taliban’s strict interpretation of Islamic law as minister for vice and virtue, was also present, but the Prime Minster Hasan Akhund did not attend according to the report.

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