Hon. Sunday Cyriacus Umeha Engages in Grassroots Sports Development at Golden Eaglets vs. Udi Stars Friendly

Rt. Hon. Barr. Sunday Cyriacus Umeha Attends Friendly Match Between Golden Eaglets and Udi Stars Football Academy

On April 28, 2024, Rt. Hon. Barr. Sunday Cyriacus Umeha attended a special event as the Udi Stars Football Academy of Enugu faced off against the Golden Eaglets of Nigeria in a friendly match held at the National Stadium, Abuja.

In his capacity as a special guest, Hon. Umeha recognized the significant potential of grassroots sports in actively engaging young people and preparing them for professional careers in sports. He emphasized the importance of grassroots football and other sports in nurturing the talents of youths and providing them with opportunities to excel on both local and international stages.

Hon. Umeha expressed his commitment to collaborating closely with the management of football clubs to deepen grassroots sports development initiatives. He highlighted the need for partnerships between the government and private citizens to fully develop the sports sector, acknowledging the crucial role played by both parties in advancing sports in the country.

Udi Stars Football Academy

Specifically, Hon. Umeha extended his appreciation to Chief Joseph Chukwudi Chime (Boy G), the President of Udi Stars Football Academy, for his philanthropic efforts and dedication to grassroots sports development in Udi and across Nigeria.

Through collaborative efforts and continued support, Hon. Umeha aims to foster an environment where talented youths can thrive in sports and contribute to the overall growth and success of Nigerian sports on the global stage.

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