Hon. Umeha Hosts Security Summit to Combat Rising Insecurity in Ezeagu LGA

Rt. Hon. Barr. Sunday Cyriacus Umeha held a security meeting with stakeholders to tackle rising crime in Ezeagu, resulting in key resolutions for improved community safety and cooperation.

In response to the recent surge in kidnapping and banditry within the Ezeagu/Udi Federal Constituency, Rt. Hon. Barr. Sunday Cyriacus Umeha organized a one-day security parley with key stakeholders to tackle the security breaches in the area. The event, aimed at improving the safety of lives and property, aligns with Hon. Umeha’s Legislative Agenda.

Prince Obinna Ozoejike

The meeting saw the attendance of traditional rulers from Ezeagu, representatives from the Armed Forces, Nigerian Police Force, Department of State Services, Civil Defence, the clergy, President Generals and Community Leaders, youth groups, and members of the public.

During the discussions, participants shared insights into the root causes of the security issues and called for a collective response that involves every community member. After extensive deliberations, the following resolutions were reached:

  1. Community Youth Involvement: Youths were urged to form Civilian Joint Task Forces to assist security agencies in protecting their communities.
  2. Strengthening Neighborhood Watch: Enhancing the Neighborhood Watch to support police efforts.
  3. Provision of Security Gadgets: Mobilizing and equipping Neighborhood Watches with necessary security gadgets for effective operations.
  4. Enhanced Intelligence Gathering: Ramping up intelligence efforts by the DSS to prevent criminal activities.
  5. Insurance and Compensation: Implementing life insurance schemes for Neighborhood Watch members and providing compensation for their families in case of loss of life.
  6. Increased Funding: Securing more funds for Neighborhood Watch activities through local government security votes and contributions from public-spirited individuals.
  7. Improved Collaboration: Fostering better synergy between local vigilante groups and security agencies for effective information sharing and crisis response.
  8. Eradicating Farmer-Herder Clashes: Exploring conventional animal husbandry methods to reduce conflicts between farmers and herders.

Hon. Umeha, represented by his Chief of Staff, Mr. Prince Obinna Ozoejike, expressed gratitude to all participants for their commitment to the security dialogue. He assured them that the resolutions would be escalated to Hon. Umeha for further review and implementation.

This proactive approach reflects Hon. Umeha’s dedication to enhancing security and fostering peace within the Ezeagu/Udi Federal Constituency.

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