Only PhD Students Are Eligible To Bring Dependants To UK – Envoy 

Montgomery clarified that the most recent change to the school system's policies

The UK has made it clear that the only foreign students who are allowed to bring dependents into the nation are those who are enrolled in Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs. This was disclosed on Sunday in Abuja during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) by Dr. Richard Montgomery, the British High Commissioner to Nigeria.

Montgomery clarified that international students pursuing higher education are prohibited from bringing dependents into the United Kingdom due to a recent policy change in the educational system that was put into effect earlier this year. This policy responds to the growing tendency of international students traveling with dependents. Montgomery claimed that the significant rise in dependents was putting an unsupportable amount of strain on numerous universities, which is why these adjustments were required.

He further noted that discussions regarding the policy adjustment had been ongoing for some time before he was appointed High Commissioner to Nigeria. Additionally, Montgomery acknowledged engaging with universities to ensure the smooth implementation of the new regulations.

International students who are unable to bring their dependents to the UK due to the new regulation may look into other solutions to meet their family’s needs. This can entail looking into study locations with more benevolent immigration laws for dependents or investigating remote learning options that let them pursue their education while remaining near their relatives. Students can also look to their institutions for assistance in navigating the difficulties brought about by the policy change and in learning about resources that are accessible to overseas students and their families.

With ramifications for international students and their families, the UK’s decision to limit dependents to PhD students only marks a dramatic change in policy. Although the goal of the change is to alleviate the burden that the flood of dependents is placing on colleges, concerns have been raised over the effects it will have on family dynamics and student wellbeing. It is crucial that authorities take into account the needs of students and their families as international education develops and work to establish welcoming and encouraging environments for everyone.

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