Oladips' Miraculous Resurrection, Unveiling the Rapper's Astonishing Journey from Death to Life

The aide of Nigerian rapper Oladips, Abdul Rasheed Opeyemi, has said that the rapper who was reported dead indeed died for three days

Abdulrasheed Opeyemi, the personal assistant of Nigerian rapper Oladipupo Oladimeji, aka Oladips, has disclosed that the rapper, who was recently declared dead by his management, truly died.

Oladips’ assistant has revealed his boss was indeed dead for three days before he was revived.
He added that Oladips’ manager who made the Instagram post revealing he had died has also been sacked.
The rapper was declared dead on November 14, and hours later, there were speculations he faked his death.

According to the rapper’s aide, the artist was genuinely dead, but only for three days before he was revived.

Oladips’ manager, who initially shared the heartbreaking news of the rapper’s death on Instagram, has not emerged unscathed from this ordeal. The assistant revealed that the manager responsible for the announcement has been dismissed from his role, adding a layer of drama to the already sensational narrative. The aftermath of the Instagram post has left fans and the public wondering about the motivations behind the premature announcement and whether it was an honest mistake or a deliberate act.

In the hours following the news of Oladips’ death, social media platforms were flooded with speculations and conspiracy theories. Some claimed that the rapper might have orchestrated the entire incident for publicity, while others questioned the reliability of the sources reporting his demise. The controversy reached a fever pitch, with fans and critics alike divided over whether to mourn the loss or condemn what they perceived as a publicity stunt.

Abdulrasheed Opeyemi’s decision to come forward and share details about Oladips’ actual state during those three days adds a new layer of authenticity to the narrative. His revelation invites us to reconsider the skepticism that surrounded the rapper’s supposed death and encourages a deeper exploration of the circumstances leading to his revival. The personal assistant’s account serves as a counterpoint to the speculations, urging the public to approach the story from a more nuanced perspective.

Recall that on November 14, it was announced that the ‘Chache’ crooner had passed away from a disease he had fought for over two years. A statement released by his management and shared on his Instagram page read in part:

“We are saddened to inform the general public that Oladipupo Olabode Oladimeji, aka Oladips, passed away yesterday, November 14, Tuesday evening, at exactly 10:14 pm. We are still in shock as we speak!

“For over two years, he has kept his battles within himself; his body is now with his family. The family asked that we respect their privacy in this trying time. May God give us all the fortitude to bear this great loss. (amen).”

During an interview with PUNCH on Monday, Abdulrasheed provided additional details regarding the management of the rapper’s record label, Disciples Music.

In addition to Oladips being reportedly dead for three whole days before he was resuscitated, he revealed that the manager who made the aforementioned tribute has been sacked. He said:

“I don’t know how to say this. It was a misinterpretation by the manager who has access to Oladips’ page. We all thought he was dead because he was not breathing until the third day when he was revived. By then, the manager had already shared the story.

“Even I could not reach him until the third day.”

When asked where the rapper had been for the previous three days, Abdulrasheed answered:

“He was with his family,”

Furthermore, Abdulrasheed revealed that the music group later fired the manager, whose name he did not reveal. He declared:

“You are speaking with the right person in the label. The manager who shared the story has since been sacked. Oladips will soon address everyone on the issue.”

Oladips launched his label, Dipsciples Music, after his exit in 2019, from LRR/Edge Records, owned by Nigerian rapper, Remilekun Safaru, aka Reminisce.

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