Oladips apologizes to Nigerians

“It was not a prank, was sick sick, Oladips finally tells his side of the story

Popular rapper Oladipupo Oladimeji, aka Oladips, has finally apologised to Nigerians over the recent death hoax pulled by his management.

Oladips, who promised to tell his side of the story, has finally done so in a recent interview.
The rapper apologized to Nigerians, stating that he was truly sick and would never prank Nigerians with such a sensitive subject.

The rapper went on to address the speculation surrounding the incident, emphasizing that he takes full responsibility for the confusion generated by the death hoax. Oladips explained that he was undergoing a health crisis and had been unable to communicate with his management or family during that time. The lack of communication, he claimed, led to the unfortunate posting of his obituary by his ex-manager.

Pointing fingers at his ex-manager, Oladips placed the blame squarely on their shoulders for orchestrating the death prank without his consent. He revealed that the decision to post the obituary was made solely by the manager due to his inability to reach Oladips or his mother, creating a scenario that spiraled out of control.

The rapper shed light on the toll the incident took on him personally and professionally. Not only did he face the emotional burden of dealing with a death hoax, but he also had to navigate the aftermath of public outrage and concern. Oladips expressed deep regret for the distress caused to his fans and the public, acknowledging the gravity of the situation.

He, however, said it was “never a prank,” stressing that he was “very sick,” but notwithstanding, he apologized for “the confusion.”

Like his assistant, who revealed the rapper’s manager is to blame for the death prank, Oladips buttressed the claim. He said when his manager didn’t hear from him or his mom, he made the post.

He confessed that he experienced a lot of things like his manager siphoning his money and wishing him dead.

Oladips promised to surround himself with professionals henceforth. Speaking in a recent interview with Naija FM, Lagos, Oladips said:

“To Nigerians and my core followers, I will never play with people’s emotions like that. It was never a prank. I was sick sick. I am really sorry for the confusion, the false alarm, and everything. I take full responsibility.

“Henceforth, I will make sure that I’m surrounded by professionals. I feel like that is where the problem started. I have experienced a lot of things, including my manager siphoning my money and wishing me death. So, it got to a point where I didn’t even have a manager again. It was just me and my boys. Right now, I’m just trying to select the right people and make sure that they are professionals who know the right thing to do. No be person wey because he no hear from my mom, he feel like, ‘Ah! This guy don go [die].

“If he [my manager] was a professional, he would not do such. That is why I said I take full responsibility. So, I’m really sorry. Make una forgive me, abeg.”

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