Don’t Embark on Night Travels” NYSC Warns Corpers

NYSC Urges Security Agencies to Allow Corps Members Overnight Refuge During Stranded Situations

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has communicated with all security agencies across the country, permitting corps members to seek overnight refuge with them when stranded on the road.

Eddy Megwa, NYSC’s Director of Press and Public Relations, conveyed this information during the Sunrise Daily program on Channels TV.

Megwa emphasized the risks associated with night travels for corps members and highlighted that the agency has also provided them with essential security tips.

He said, “We have given them all the necessary security tips at the orientation camp. Don’t forget by the 14th, they would have spent 21 days in the camp and… We’ve given them everything they need to do to secure themselves.

“So the priority is that they must not travel at night. And we have alerted all security agencies anywhere corps members will break and say they want to pass the night in any security organization; they would accord them all the rights and privileges for them to sleep.”

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The decision by the NYSC to collaborate with security agencies for the benefit of corps members carries significant implications. Beyond providing a tangible solution to the challenges of night travels, this initiative reinforces the commitment of the NYSC to the welfare of its members. It establishes a precedent for other organizations and institutions to prioritize the safety of their personnel, especially when engaged in essential national service.

Moreover, this collaboration promotes a sense of security and confidence among corps members, assuring them that measures are in place to address their safety concerns. The move reflects the NYSC’s responsiveness to the evolving needs and challenges faced by young Nigerians serving their country, setting a positive example for fostering a culture of care and protection.

The NYSC spokesperson added that at least four of the eight abducted corpse members in Zamfara were yet to be rescued.

He, however, added that efforts were being made to ensure they were rescued unharmed.

On Thursday, Megwa said two of the corps members regained their freedom after spending about 90 days with terrorists.

The NYSC had also blamed the abducted eight corps members for their plight, claiming the corps members ignored its warning by embarking on a night journey.

Megwa said that the corps members might not have been abducted if they had adhered to the NYSC’s warning against travelling after 6 p.m.

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