No More Varsity Strikes, Tinubu Promises

"A Strike-Free Future, Tinubu's Pledge for Academic Stability"

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has vowed that strikes by university lecturers will be a thing of the past under his administration.

Tinubu said that all necessary actions would be taken to ensure that universities do not embark on strike actions again.

President Tinubu acknowledges the persistent challenges faced by university lecturers, ranging from inadequate funding to infrastructure deficits. To tackle these issues head-on, his administration plans to engage in comprehensive dialogues with stakeholders in the education sector. By fostering open communication and understanding, Tinubu aims to create an environment conducive to addressing the root causes of strikes, thereby preventing future disruptions.

One of the cornerstones of Tinubu’s strategy is a substantial investment in the education sector. By allocating sufficient resources to universities, the administration aims to address long-standing issues such as inadequate facilities, outdated equipment, and insufficient remuneration for educators. Tinubu’s commitment to prioritizing education in the national budget is a positive step towards ensuring that universities have the necessary resources to operate efficiently.

President Tinubu recognizes that achieving a strike-free environment requires collaboration with all stakeholders, including university lecturers, administrators, and government bodies. Open channels of communication will be established to address concerns, negotiate fair terms, and build a stronger foundation for the nation’s educational system. Tinubu’s approach emphasizes inclusivity, seeking input from all relevant parties to create sustainable solutions.

Recall that the President had announced the cancellation of the controversial deduction of 40 percent of internally generated revenues (IGRs) from government-owned universities.

He said his government would exhaust all avenues for dialogue before any strike action.

The President, represented by a former President of West Africa College of Surgeon (WACS) and a visiting Professor of the National Universities Commission (NUC), Prof. King-David Terna Yawe, spoke at the 33rd convocation ceremony of the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA).

Tinubu said his government was committed to tackling all education sector challenges.

“I would like to enjoin all the unions in our universities to cooperate with the government to deliver the needed development by ensuring an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity on our campuses.

“On our part, we will ensure that motivational activities are put in place to ensure improved productivity. Reciprocative actions would be expected from our universities as the government works hard to raise the bar of a conducive teaching and learning environment.

“To whom much is given, much is expected. Dialogue, patience, and positive engagements are better means of achieving results than strike actions. Industrial disharmony does nothing but disrupt life, waste time, and elongate the academic calendar.

“Therefore, all avenues for dialogue must be explored and exhausted before strike actions are considered, and as the last resort,” he said.


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