EFCC Says No Former Governor With Corruption Case Will Be Exempted From Investigation

EFCC's Unwavering Pursuit of Justice, No Former Governor Exempt from Investigation

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) said on Thursday that every former governor and indeed any individual with corruption cases will face the anti-graft agency’s investigation.

EFCC says it will do everything within the law to sustain its tempo of rigorously pursuing economic and financial crime-related cases, no matter who is involved

The EFCC was established with the primary objective of combating economic and financial crimes in Nigeria. Over the years, it has played a pivotal role in investigating and prosecuting individuals involved in corruption, money laundering, and fraudulent activities. The agency’s mission is rooted in promoting transparency, accountability, and good governance.

The recent statement by the EFCC sends a clear message that no former governor will be exempted from facing investigation if there are allegations of corruption against them. This marks a departure from any perception of selective justice, reinforcing the idea that everyone is equal before the law.

By emphasizing that their investigations will adhere strictly to legal procedures, the EFCC is reinforcing the importance of the rule of law in its operations. This commitment is crucial to maintaining public trust and confidence in the anti-graft agency’s ability to deliver justice impartially.

The commission’s zonal commander, ACE Aliyu Yunusa, said this at the opening of a one-day EFCC Civil Society Organizations engagement organised in Sokoto.

Yunusa said no one is an exception to investigation as the anti-graft agency met with Civil Society Organisations from Kebbi, Zamfara and Sokoto states to collaborate in furtherance of the preventive mandate of the commission.

According to him, EFCC will do everything within the law to sustain its tempo of rigorously pursuing economic and financial crime-related cases no matter who is involved.

Speaking in Sokoto on Thursday, Yunusa added that the commission is prepared to free Nigeria from the shackles of the ‘demon’ called corruption.

“Our core mandate remains, and we are determined and resolute to achieve results with the active collaboration of Nigerians, particularly the CSOs, who are equally drivers of our mandate to success,” he said.

“We rely on the Nigerian public and organised bodies to nip in the bud corruption and other economic crimes for a sound Nigeria.”

Yunusa also seized the opportunity to clear the perception of the majority of Nigerians that the EFCC does not investigate former governors.

“No past governor or anyone is exempted from our investigation where a petition is received,” he clarified.

The EFCC’s declaration that no former governor or individual is exempt from investigation demonstrates a significant stride towards fostering accountability and transparency in Nigeria. Upholding the rule of law and treating all individuals equally before it is essential for the credibility and effectiveness of the anti-graft agency. As the EFCC continues its rigorous pursuit of economic and financial crime-related cases, it sets the stage for a more just and accountable society where corruption has no safe haven.


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