Nigerian Military Allegedly Aborts Over 10,000 Pregnancies Of Women Raped By Boko Haram

Reports has it that the Nigerian Military have secretly and illegally aborted over 10,000 pregnancies of girls and women raped by the Boko Haram terrorist group since around 2013 when they conducted a secret, illegal abduction programme for women and girls in the Northeast part of the country.

According to reports by the Reuters, many of the women and girls were raped by the Boko Haram terrorist group.

Fati who was both a victim of the rape by the Boko Haram Islamic Cleric and the illegal pregnancy abortion by the Nigerian military while narrating her ugly ordeal to Reuters stated that she was kidnapped by the Boko Haram, but was later rescued by the Nigerian military.


Fati said that she lost contact with her family one of the nights when the Boko Haram terrorists terrorized their area at Monguno. She was later captured and kidnapped by the terrorists, whipped and shunted into one of two pickup trucks with the other women also captured onboard.

The Terrorists drove them out at night through the shores of the vast Lake Chad, where they loaded the captives into canoes. As the sun rose, the captives were transported to the myriad islands of the lake.

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Fati narrated that she was 4 months pregnant when she was rescued by the Nigerian military, according to Reuters. The soldiers later aborted the pregnancy without telling her.

Fati said that she was married off 3 times. The third that got her pregnant was the worst of them all, she said. He would beat her up until she becomes sick. The girls were forced to marry another whenever their previous husband doesn’t return from their operations.

According to Fati, the military men gave her and five other women some mysterious injections and pills in a dim room at a military barracks in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital in Nigeria.

After the injections and pills, they all felt a searing pain in their stomach and black blood seeped out of her. Everyone of them was bleeding and writhing on the floor. “The soldiers want to kill us,” she thought.

The soldiers aborted the pregnancy without their knowledge and they were all warned never to disclose this or else they will be given serious beaten. The abortions were carried out without the knowledge of the ladies.

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This investigative report according to Sahara Reporters is based on interviews with 33 women and girls who say they underwent abortions while in the custody of the Nigerian military, only one agreed that she freely gave consent for it to be done. Five civilian health workers, and nine security personnel involved in the programme, including soldiers and other government employees such as armed guards engaged in escorting pregnant women to abortion sites were also interviewed on this regard.

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