Nigerian First Lady, Aisha Buhari Accused Of Kidnapping And Torturing A Critic

Aminu Mohammed and Aisha Buhari

The Nigerian first lady, Aisha Buhari has been trending all over the social media for allegedly kidnapping, torturing, and maltreatment of one Mr. Aminu Mohammed who criticized the first lady on his Twitter handle. Aminu Mohammed, who is a 23 year old student of Federal University Dutse criticized the first lady of Nigeria in Hausa language by saying “Su mama anchi kudin talakawa ankoshi” which simply means “Mrs Buhari had gotten fatter by eating masses’ money. Below is the post.

Aminu's comment on Aisha Buhari
Aminu’s comment on Aisha Buhari

According to many reports, Aminu was abducted In his school prior to his final exam, he was then taken to the Aso-Rock Villa where he received serious beaten in front of the first lady, Aisha Buhari and he was later taken to the DSS cell in Abuja.

Aminu Mohammed
Aminu Mohammed

It was also reported by journalist Jaafar Jaafar that Usman Shugaba, the ADC of the first lady Aisha Buhari was the one who unlawfully abducted Aminu from his school one week to his final exam. Also that he and the first lady took turns in beating Aminu mercilessly to unconsciousness in the Asorock Villa Abuja.

ADC to the First Lady
Decoration of the ADC to the First Lady.

Many Nigerians have taken to their social media handles to condemn this act by the first lady, the DSS, and the Nigerian Police. They hinted that the first lady acted more like a detector who doesn’t accommodate criticism from the general public.

Many organizations, including the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) and the Northern Nigerian Human Rights Advocates have issued a statement condemning this evil act by the first lady and the Nigerian Police. NANS also issued a warning that the Nigerian Police should release Aminu Mohammed unconditionally or face the Nigerian Students.

The Northern Nigerian Human Rights Advocates said in their Statement which was signed by their secretary general, A.A Hikima Esq., that in a Democracy, Politicians and Public Figures must wear thick skin and allow citizens the needed atmosphere to express themselves freely without fear of intimidation. The Statement and that of NANS can be seen in the pictures below.

Statement seeking Aminu's release

NANS statement on Aminu

NANS statement on Aminu

Factual findings from NANS reviews that Aminu was truly brutally tortured at the Aso- Rock Villa by the first lady and his security aids, but why they decided to apologize to the First Lady is what we are yet to understand. Sarahara Reporters also reported that the first lady was rushed to the hospital after she fractured her legs while trying to join in physically assaulting Aminu.

Sahara Reporters

Recall that the APC government ably lead by the current President of Nigeria, Mohammed Buhari are not saints when it comes to insulting and tarnishing the image of political leaders in the country. In fact, they did worst while campaigning to take over government during the time of the Nigerian former Head of States, Goodluck Jonathan. Why they now result to kidnapping and torturing criticism who tries to criticize their government is what we are yet to understand.

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