Nigeria, Kuwait Strengthen Aviation Ties, Sign Bilateral Air Agreement

The Nigerian government has signed a Bilateral Air Services Agreement (BASA) with Kuwait for the commencement of direct flights.

On Tuesday, the Federal Government and the Government of Kuwait inked a bilateral aviation service agreement.

The agreement was confirmed during the present COP28 in Dubai, demonstrating a commitment to developing international aviation cooperation.

Keyamo expressed optimism about the prospects of the agreement
The accord underscores the Federal Government’s dedication to expanding the nation’s global aviation footprint


The establishment of direct flights between Nigeria and Kuwait is poised to enhance connectivity and ease of travel for citizens of both nations. Direct flights eliminate the need for layovers and multiple connections, providing a more convenient and efficient travel experience. This development is particularly welcomed by the growing number of business travelers, tourists, and expatriates between the two countries.

Direct flights often serve as catalysts for increased economic and trade activities between nations. The newly signed agreement is expected to stimulate business interactions as it facilitates the easier movement of entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals. Enhanced connectivity can lead to the expansion of trade partnerships, joint ventures, and investments, benefiting the economies of both Nigeria and Kuwait.


The direct flight initiative is not only about business and diplomacy but also about fostering cultural exchange and promoting tourism. Travelers from Nigeria and Kuwait now have easier access to explore each other’s cultures, historical sites, and natural attractions. This exchange of people and ideas can contribute to a richer understanding between the two nations, fostering goodwill and lasting friendships.

The BASA between Nigeria and Kuwait is a welcome development for airlines operating in both countries. With the agreement in place, airlines can now explore new routes and expand their services, tapping into the growing demand for direct flights. This can lead to increased revenue for airlines, job creation, and a boost to the aviation industry in both nations.

The signing event took place in Saudi Arabia at the Hilton Riyadh.

Festus Keyamo, Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, stated that the agreement marks a watershed moment in Nigeria-Kuwait diplomatic relations, paving the way for more connectivity and economic cooperation.

In a statement by his spokesman, Tunde Moshood, Keyamo expressed optimism about the prospects of the agreement, emphasising its potential to boost trade, tourism, and people-to-people exchanges between Nigeria and Kuwait.

“The accord underscores the Federal Government’s dedication to expanding the nation’s global aviation footprint and creating opportunities for economic growth.

“The Federal Government remains committed to fostering strong ties with nations around the world, and the bilateral air service agreement with Kuwait is a testament to this commitment,” the statement quoted Keyamo as saying.

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