Mr Ibu’s leg reportedly amputated

As reported by Verydarkman, the leg of Mr. Ibu, a renowned and bright comic actor, has been amputated, highlighting the somber reality of the situation. Following weeks in bed, this proves that our health is the cornerstone of a happy life and that our bodies are our most valuable possessions.

Prominent social media sensation and dedicated advocate for human rights, Martins Vincent Otse, also known as Verydarkman, delivered a heartbreaking report concerning the deteriorating health of the ailing actor, John Okafor, popularly known as Mr. Ibu.

Wearing a somber expression, Verydarkman has relayed a disheartening development regarding Mr. Ibu’s recent leg amputation at the hospital.
In a new video, the online influencer, who paid a visit to the medical facility some days ago and claimed that the esteemed actor’s feet were already in a state of decay and disintegration, reveals the factors that ultimately prompted the medical professionals to make the tough call of cutting off his leg.

Mr. Ibu, back in October, reached out to the public via his official Instagram platform, making a heartfelt plea for assistance from compassionate Nigerians while grappling with the grim prospect of leg amputation.

He openly shared his fears, underscoring the medical professionals’ contemplation of this extreme measure should his health fail to improve.

Unfortunately, it appears that the actor’s worst fear has become a reality, as Verydarkman, in a recent video, solemnly confirmed that his leg was amputated not too long ago.

Verydarkman conveyed the immense sadness surrounding this new development and shed light on the contributing factors that contributed to the worsening condition of the actor’s leg, details that were provided by the family.

The social media critic outlined a number of contributing factors, including Mr. Ibu being surrounded by individuals, including family members and friends, who exploited him, neglected him during the early stages of his health ordeal, and the unfortunate choice of improper places where he sought treatment, all of which had adverse consequences.

He noted that Mr. Ibu and his family are planning to release forthcoming updates about the leg amputation and implored everyone to keep the esteemed actor in their hearts and prayers, along with maintaining their financial support for his full recuperation.

Verydarkman also brought to attention the health struggles of Mr. Ibu’s colleague, Amaechi Muonagor, who is currently fighting stroke while confined to a sick bed. He encouraged his followers to come together to support Amaechi financially and through their prayers.

Captioning the post, he wrote,

“Mr Ibu’s leg has been cut off; the leg was amputated an hour ago. This is very sad, He needs us now more than ever, He needs our prayers,love and any form of support.”

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