Messi Reacts To Argentina’s Crucial Win Against Mexico

Messi on Argentina Jersey.

Messi has reacted to Argentina’s 2:0 crucial win against Mexico few hours ago. Recall that Messi begged his fans and the whole of Argentina to have patients with them as they are not going to let them down, this was after they lost 1:2 against Saudi Arabia in their World Cup opening match.

Messi and his Argentina team mates

Messi kept his promise by not just winning the game, but also by scoring and assisting their goals against Mexico. This win means they still have a chance to qualify for the World Cup group stage if they can win against Poland in their next match. Below is Messi’s post on his Facebook page after their win.

We had to win today and we could do it. There’s another final coming up on Wednesday and we have to keep fighting all together… Let’s go Argentina!!!

Messi Reacts To Argentina's Crucial Win Against Mexico.
Messi Reacts To Argentina’s Crucial Win Against Mexico.

Is Argentina Still The Favourite To Win The World Cup?

This particular question is a hard one to answer owing to how strong every team is in this world cup. No one could believe that Saudi Arabia would win over Argentina. Many also expected that Germany will win against Japan, but it turns out that we don’t have any small team in the world cup.

Nevertheless, Argentina can still win the world cup, in fact, they have all it takes to win the cup and they have massive supporters, especially those supporting them because of Messi. I believe that if they can work harder and put all their energy in every match, they can still become the world cup champions once more.

Now, let’s through the question open to you, do you feel that Argentina will still win the world cup?

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